August 7, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Wednesday, August 7, 2019 

Peaches Quinnn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
John Jessen – (New Haven Public Library System) – Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Meeting convened at 6:06.

  1. 1.   July meeting had been canceled due to July 4th 2..  Review of June 5, 2019 Minutes
    No corrections required.
    John Jessen makes Motion to accept. George Alexander seconds this Motion.
    Vote unanimous.


  1. CTV Report The use of CTV office spaces during the summer is limited as CTV Summer Hours indicates
    facility closes at 4:00 pm. CTV Receptionist Agnes has returned to the CTV office to keep
    open for our CTAC meeting. THANK YOU, Agnes!
    Joe Schofield indicated via message to us that did not receive Minutes email (as he should
    be included in this release).
    Joe also asks that he be copied on the Agenda for upcoming meetings on the previous Friday,
    in order that he be able to attend when required: The CTACForward email distribution list
    should include   [email protected]

    4.     COMCAST

Announcements from Sharon Codeanne were emailed today to the CTAC members.

Comcast has expanded eligibility of our Internet Essentials program to all qualified low-income households across
         our service area. This is the largest expansion in the history of the program and represents a culmination of 11 prior
expansions of eligibility.  This expansion will more than double the number of households eligible for the program
(from 3.2 million to nearly 7 million) and will allow Internet Essentials to reach previously unserved populations
including low-income people with disabilities, seniors not currently covered in pilot markets, new parents, and adults
without children in the home. This expansion allows us to cast the widest possible net and ensure that those who
would benefit the most from being connected have the opportunity to join the program.  To be eligible for the
program, low-income households must be eligible for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, the National
School Lunch Program, SNAP, HUD Housing Assistance and others.

The Press Release information on COMCAST’s INTERNET ESSENTIALS is included at the bottom of
this document, *   and the   .docx and PDF of the Inernet Essentials Brochure are also attached with this
email of the August CTAC Minutes.   FREE DIGITAL LITERACY TRAINING sessions will also be
offered at the New Haven Public Library and some schools in Comcast Franchise areas. See doc & PDF.
 Johnes asks about Comcast scheduled rate increases considering Comcast package plans previously
guaranteeing no rate increases ?

The CTAC members agree that Sharon Codeanne should come to the next meeting on September 4th.

5.     Old Business

(a) George Alexander gives update on community awards. George makes Motion to give $3,000 to Partnership
Center for Daycare.   The previous CTAC meeting on June 5th voted this down in favor of giving $1,000
to each town in the NH/WH/H area.
Peaches Quinn comments that “All not-for-profit Senior Adult Day Care centers in New Haven have closed.

It is defined that awards can be granted to be eligible only to centers that subscribe to Comcast.

(b)   Chair-personship
Peaches Quinn (Vice Chair) , presently Acting Chair, says that she cannot assume position of Chair
because she is currently active in the Connecticut Legislature for the Coalition for Aging.
Johnes Ruta states that he also has duties on two other Boards of Directors in CT, so assuming
to the CTAC Chair would create a hardship along with freelance work needed for financial survival.
Other members also defer for personal reasons.

CTAC Chair is normally appointed to attend the Connecticut Cable Advisory Council meetings,
on a quarterly basis, which are held in Middletown, CT on Rte. 372.

Johnes proposes Motion to have “line-up of alternatives” to Chair meetings and attend the State
Cable Advisory meetings. Line of Peaches ,Quinn, Johnes Ruta, Laurel, Yvonne, John Jessen, etc.
Next CT Cable Advisory meeting is in December 2019.
Yvonne Manning-Jones seconds this Motion. Vote unanimous.

6.   Town Representation

West Haven CTAC representation is now down to 0 = zero, due to the resignation of Tad Weinstein.

State of Connecticut assigned representation quota should be 4 from each participating town,
plus 1 from the town’s Library System, plus 1 from the town’s Board of Education.

Peaches suggests idea to change the name of the Cable Television Advisory Council in order
to attract new membership for each town.

7. CTAC Jurisdiction

State Cable Television Advisory Council, and therefore local Councils have no jurisdiction over
Satellite TV systems, or over RoKU, Netflix, or any other such internet television access systems.

  1. New Business
    Recommendation to support pending CT Legislature Bill 6421 – an Act concerning the regulation of cable television rates; requires that Title 16 of the General Statutes be
    amended to regulate cable television rates.
  2. Financial – George Alexander

Three cable television bills payment checks were received this month at CTAC from banks,
and are being returned to those banks. This is an ongoing problem despite the fact that
subscribers are directed in their billing not to remit to CTAC !

10. Time change possibility for meetings

This idea is tabled (put off to another meeting).

Next meeting Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:11 PM.

August 7th , 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven) Acting Secretary.
August 29th , 2019.