January 2010


January 6, 2010 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – January 6, 2010

George Alexander, H, Treasurer

Tad Weinstein, WH, chair

Jennifer Sacco, H, secretary

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast

Joe Schofield, CTV

Joyce Listro, NH Library

Johnes Ruta, NH

6:05 p.m. meeting called to order.

Joe Schofield gave report from CTV.  CTV is very interested in moving out of current location because of lack of parking due to construction, and costs due to having to have front door open on Saturdays because back of building cannot be used for parking.  They will be putting this space up for rent shortly, and they have an agent looking for a new space.  The board of CTV really wants something centrally located to the three towns.  May wind up in New Haven, but still considering a space in Hamden.  George suggested Whalley avenue near 15 (around A1 car dealership).  All is dependent on finding a tenant to sublease the current space, even if at a loss.

Joe Schofield has been looking into AT&T to see if CTV wants to broadcast on it, now that the viewer has improved.  Joe is still not happy about the lack of surfing-discoverability.   AT&T can’t be obtained here at the headquarters, and most of the producers for CTV also cannot get AT&T service at home; it cannot reasonable be monitored.  Joe is leaning to at least putting the government channel on AT&T, but not necessarily the others.  Board may be opposed to putting any channels on AT&T.  CTV is still pursuing a rollback with the state senate; CTV wants the state senate to bring AT&T into compliance with all of the regulations that Comcast had been subject to.  CTV is making the case of economic discrimination by AT&T regarding neighborhoods where service is not available.  Joyce asked Joe about the return line from the field house, and he says it is ready to go and that they are just waiting for something to broadcast from there.

Comcast report given by Sharon Codeanne, including price decreases for services.   George inquired about DTAs (things that make boxes unnecessary and allow for digital channels but not OnDemand in other rooms); they are to be available in New Haven second quarter of 2010 and will be $1.99/month.  Johnes asked about the Classic Arts Showcase; they CAS does have a “digital sidecar” which Johnes wanted to know if this would make it carry-able by Comcast.  Sharon agreed to forward the specs to the marketing department and head-end engineers at  Comcast.

George cannot close the books for our 2009 year without the bank statement for December yet.  He will send info. out by email so Tad can put together our year-end report.

Tad raised the issue as to why CTV still refuses to be on AT&T, when AT&T is collecting money from subscribers and CTV is getting the funds.  Tad argues that CTV should be on AT&T.  Jen asked what they would actually lose by joining in terms of their leverage to pressure AT&T to provide a better situation for public access.