May 2011


May 4, 2011 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – May 4, 1011            

Johnes Ruta, NH

George Alexander, H treasurer

Tad Weinstein, WH chair

Jen Sacco, H secretary

Carl Lambert, Sr., H

Richard Gay, WH

Joyce Listro, NH

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast representative

Paul Scanlon, WH

Meeting called to order 6:06 p.m. by Tad Weinstein.     

Report from Comcast.  Johnes asked how to remove things from “favorites list” for cable box—asked for access to instructions from Comcast.  George commented that he had trouble with tech support three times, in reference to delayed receipt of email from Comcast servers.  Tech support was unable to help him because they didn’t understand the problem, or were unable to do anything to help.  Sharon asked that George forward her the details so a tech could look into it.  Johnes said he experienced a similar problem.

Richard moved to accept minutes from April, Johnes seconded.  Minutes from April meeting approved.

Discussion of policy change regarding the scheduling of CTV producers’ shows has been conducted online between George and Joe Schofield from CTV.  Question is whether producers can ever be offered   a second hour of airing per week.  Rule was recently implemented by CTV that producers can each only have one hour per week, but that would appear to leave some room in the schedule for additional airings.  Joe agreed with George in email that priority should be given to locally produced shows, over satellite produced programs.  Johnes and Joyce expressed an alternate concern, which is that alternate news programs (via satellite) may be more preferred to locally produced shows, from the standpoint of viewers.  George and Joyce want clarification of what legal restrictions exist dictating what qualifies to be shown on public access, educational, and government channels.  Johnes and Joyce raised the question if there should be a second public access channel (if government and educational channels can’t be used for overflow).  Sharon says there are regulations from the DPUC that may answer these questions of definition and threshold for additional channels, so she will forward to us. 

We agreed Joe should be asked again to answer what number of active producers are currently producing shows.  We still don’t have an answer to this.

Joe had sent an update to docket 10-10-06 electronically (pertaining to broadcast issues with AT&T), and Tad expressed sentiment that CTV should be being broadcast on AT&T—this is an ongoing stalemate, apparently.

George reported that we received mail copies of all kinds of DPUC filings, pertaining to AT&T and CTV and the DPUC.  All are available online to be read.

Tad suggested that we have a sit down between AT&T and CTV to try to resolve the issue of CTV not being broadcast on AT&T.

Paul moved that we send a statement to the DPUC indicating we want to see a resolution to this.  George seconded.   Motion passed; Paul will draft language and circulate to the rest of us via email.

Meeting adjourned 7:00 p.m.