August 2011


August 3, 2011 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – August 3, 2011 

Call to order: A regular meeting of the CTAC, was held at CTV, Hamden, CT on 8/3/2011. The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m., Tad Weinstein, Chair.  Jennifer Sacco, Secretary, absent this meeting. Minutes recorded by Johnes Ruta, CTAC New Haven #2. 

Members in attendance:

George Alexander, H  Treasurer
Peaches Quinn, NH
Johnes Ruta, NH
Tad Weinstein, WH  Chair

(Secretary not present.) 
(Quorum not present.)

Kinson B. Perry,  Area Manager  External & Legislative Affairs, AT&T  
Kelly Wade Bettuci, Area Manager External affairs, AT&T 
Sharon Codeanne, Area Public Affairs, Comcast  
Paul Musco, President Board of Directors, CTV
Joe Schofield, Executive Director CTV

Approval of minutes: July minutes discussed regarding the encapsulation of content by CTAC Secretary.: 

objected to by Johnes Ruta and George Alexander. Issue tabled for further consideration.


AT&T Representatives:

Kinson Perry, AT&T addressed the meeting: Describes AT&T service to area, hopes for AT&T to provide 
CTV service to area.    AT&T collects Subscriber Fees which are sent to CTV quarterly, accumulating to $250,000 since AT&T received a State wide license.  Previous representatives of  AT&T met with CTV Board several times.  
AT&T acknowledges “learning curve”  for connectivity with CTV, as the technical architecture of AT&T is different from CTV’s.  AT&T: All  Government Access Programming will be provided to CTV from AT&T channel 99. Special Audio programming will be available in SAP.   AT&T Channel 99 is a Menu Selection channel by which viewers will select and subscribe access categories. Selection of program drops a “cookie” for a specific PEG reception interconnect process.  Subscriber Fees are collected by AT&T  and forwarded to CTV.  

The technical specifications required are listed. A vendor will be authorized for the interconnection agreement, with a present choice of four different vendors.  CTV’s North Haven State Street location can be provided with a signal for Uverse Service within range of one of the T1 boxes. A private website URL will be provided by AT&T to monitor their signal strength.  AT&T has 12,000 subscribers within the Hamden, New Haven, West Haven district.   AT&T will provide feed and monitor Addresses defined in terms of “Green Zones” 

where service can be provided, and “Red Zones” where service cannot be provided.  AT&T will provide the equipment.  AT&T will pay for the T1 connection to CTV. The T1 line will be a demarcation point, external to the CTV building only.  

AT&T will provide a 1-Year Maintenance Agreement for CTV.  CTV will then own the equipment, 

CTV will pay for the maintenance from the Demarcation Point into the CTV building. CTV will pay for inside wiring to their TV distribution module.  

AT&T will perform tests for connectivity once connection is established and when any connection problems occur.

Interconnection is being developed for CTV parallel with Comcast.
Quarterly CTV Subscriber Fees are being collected by AT&T and being paid to CTV on a quarterly basis.  $250,000 has been collected and paid to CTV to date.

AT&T is unable to “black-out” coverage of live performances (such as at the Schubert Theatre in New Haven) and local sports events.  This situation with theatre performances carries issues of Equity Rights.   (George Alexander brought up issues also of “Intellectual Property” of license to broadcast certain programs especially those taking place in the coverage area itself where distribution cannot be allowed.Joe Schofield questioned aspects of “Equity Authorization.” Mentioned that CTV is scheduled to broadcast Garrison Kellior local talk. There followed a discussion of issues of “feed” and “distribution.

CTV Representative Joe Schofield:  

CTV has three issues with the interconnection with AT&T:

(1) Return Signal monitoring.

(2) CTV taking on the financial responsibility for this connection. 

(3) Distribution of contractually restricted content beyond the Hamden, New Haven and West Haven franchise.

Joe also suggested setting up a Parallel Access System to monitor the connectivity. 

“All AT&T derived fund are to be dedicated to AT&T.”  Kinson Perry responded, “There is a Repair Protocol for network repair and maintenance support.

Joe Schofield listed issues as:  (1)  ASCAP / BMI copy rights;  (2)  Monitoring of signal;   (3) Connectivity.

Peaches Quinn addressed choices as connectivity issues.  AT&T would set up monitoring.

DA = Distribution Amplifier.  AT&T Business Model was discussed: (1) different from Comcast; (2) issue of Program Distribution.

AT&T:  Municipalities charge access fees.

AT&T guards against unauthorized equipment access into its network system.


Intellectual Property issue:  Possible solution may be provided with an alternate channel. 

AT&T Participation in CTAC:

Peaches Quinn advocates that AT&T  henceforth have representation at monthly meetings of CTAC. 

George Aleaxander furthers this issue by indicating that CTAC district’s residents expect AT&T to be responsible to CTAC advisory.

Member Reappointment

George Alexander reported receiving a letter from the Hamden Mayor’s Office that he and Jennifer Sacco have both been reappointed to the CTAC each for another two year term.  

Officers’ reports:      Not addressed due to lateness of the hour following above proceedings, now 8:00 PM.

Unfinished business:              Not addressed

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.