December 2011


National Broadband Map

Today we updated the National Broadband Map. The data displayed on the map ( is current as of December 31, 2011.  As always, enter a complete address with city and zip code to view results by Census Block or Road Segment. 

To see previous datasets, please go to  The map is powered by a new set of data from 1,865 broadband providers nationwide – more than 20 million records – and displays where broadband is available, the name of the provider, the technology used to provide the service, and the maximum advertised speeds of the service. This effort is the result of a partnership among NTIA, the FCC, 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia. You can view maps of each state and learn more about their projects by visiting


December 13, 2011 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – December 13, 2011

Call to order: A regular meeting of the CTAC, was held in Hamden. The meeting convened at 6:50 p.m., President Tad Weinstein presiding, and Jennifer Sacco, secretary.

Members in attendance:

George Alexander, H treasurer

Joyce Listro, NH

Peaches Quinn, NH

Johnes Ruta, NH

Jen Sacco, H secretary

Tad Weinstein, WH chair

Carl Lambert, H


Approval of minutes: November minutes to be distributed for approval at January 2012 meeting due to technical issues.


Comcast representative not available to give report due to illness; CTV representative not present to give report.  Comcast report was shared in print format.

Johnes raised issue that PURA not interested in dealing with his concern and that raised by Elizabeth Cooney, member of the public, about offerings available in Comcast subscriber packages.  He suggested that we contact our legislators and ask them to look in to questions of choice/value/availability in cable programming.  Jen suggested that we compile complaints for legislators.  Peaches suggested we get Comcast’s response first, and address the issue again at January meeting, OR interview Comcast, and advocate nationally.  Jen suggested we could get other cable councils to sign on.  George suggested that we specifically write to our state representatives.

CTV has been off the air for at least 2 weeks while the servers gets updated at the station. 

Letter came to us from PURA saying that they have inquired with Comcast about refund/outage policy, and that subscribers may be eligible for a credit (they have to request it). 

George suggested we switch our checking account from TD to Connex to avoid a fee and so we can see our paper checks.  Carl made motion to switch banks; Joyced seconded.  Motion carried to move our account and to get debit cards for two officers.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30p.m.

Jennifer Sacco