February 2012


February 1, 2012 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – February 1, 2012

Tad Weinstein, West Haven, chair

George Alexander, Hamden, Treasurer

Carl Lambert, Hamden 

Don Levy, Hamden, Hamden 

Joyce Listro, New Haven Board of Education

Peaches Quinn, New Haven 

Johnes Ruta, New Haven

Joe Schofield, CTV

6:03 p.m. meeting called to order. 

General discussion regarding Comcast’s new television/ cable channel additions in varying service levels.

Personal introduction of Don Levy, new representative for Hamden.

January 4th CTAC Meeting minutes discussed.  Peaches Quinn makes motion to approve January minutes.  Carl Lambert seconded motion.  Meeting vote – all in favor.

CTV Report – Joe Schofield

CTV’s  channel schedule information display is not yet on-line.  Server problems were again experienced causing temporary transmission loss on all CTV channels during January, mostly resolved.

CTV sent Letter of Intent for the purchase of a new location on Whalley Avenue in New Haven. CTV will only consider purchase situations, rather than any new rental location.  The Whalley Avenue property seller returned the CTV purchase offer showing new conditions on the proposed sales contract.  Joe specified that these conditions were probably not acceptable for CTV.  The current location at 2666 State Street in Hamden is OK for the short-term, as the current rental landlord has not pressured CTV to state its 2012 intentions. 

George discussed possible CTV relocation options in Hamden and New Haven. 

Production Training Field Training – CTV offering a one-day program teaching television camera production – certification would be more quickly achieved by participant trainees.

N’Zinga Shani case regarding “21 century Conversations” is still open with  DPUC (PURA) from June still costing CTV a $100 monthly attorney retainer. 

AT&T still not wired into CTV for Public Access availability. CTV is waiting until move to new location to complete this connection in order to avoid double charges because of pending CTV studio relocation. AT&T wants CTV to pay for the cable  hookup line.  CTV receives $108,000 per year as benefit of AT&T monthly public access fee per customer.

George recommended that CTV hook up with AT&T now since the move may not happen for a while now.  After brief discussion Joe Schofield committed to contact AT&T.

Joyce Listro: “When CTV moves, will Comcast pay for new transmission line installation [for its public TV access]?

Joe Schofield: “No. Comcast is not committed to paying this expense for the move.”

Peaches Quinn: “Is there a law for what AT&T money is used for ?”

Joe:  [Answer unclear.]


ANNUAL REPORT  — George Alexander

George submitted the Annual Report for 2011 with items and budget dollar entries. 

George motioned to accept the Annual Report for 2011.   Peaches Quinn seconded this motion. Tad called a general vote by show of hands. Vote carried in affirmative unanimously.  

George moved that the 2012 Budget be exactly the same as the 2011 Budget.  Joyce Listro seconded this motion. 

Peaches Quinn proposed to allocate the budget amount not used for grants in 2011 to be added into the 2012 Budget for grants available dollars.  The State Form “2010 Ending” typographical error to be corrected.  

Joyce suggested using the aforementioned leftover 2011 grant money for this Program.

George said we should delay a motion on this point until next month as it is not part of the present budget proposal. 

COMCAST  Issue.  

Johnes Ruta  is putting together a proposal (also to be developed with Paul Scanlon)  to be submitted to the Connecticut Legislature to regulate cable television rates in CT.  Research being developed with materials  from the Connecticut Office of Consumer Council.   Legislation proposal will also regulate that advance announcement be made on cable television when there is to be a service interruption for “Channel Maintenance”, technical reasons, or testing of Emergency Broadcast System. Issue will be discussed again at March CTAC meeting.

 Meeting adjourned by Tad Weinstein at 7:10 PM