August 2012


August 1, 2012 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – August 1, 2012

Present: Tad Weinstein, Chair, WH

George Alexander, Treasurer, H

Don Levy, H

Johnes Ruta, NH

Jennifer Sacco, H

Joe Schofield from CTV present

Comcast Representative not present.  Meeting called to order 6:07 p.m.  Comcast report read by group.  George moved to amend June minutes; Johnes seconded; minutes to be approved after amendments made by Don.

Regarding June discussion, Joe said that producer at One World Institute refuses to give permission to put program On Demand online, so people who missed the live airing are not able to access it On Demand.  Also, the schedule of programs on CTV, though accessible online, can also be accessed by calling CTV directly, and they will give information about the schedule to anyone who does not use the internet.

George moved that Jen draft our response to PURA about the dispute between CTV and One World Institute be that we have suggested what we believe to be reasonable accommodations—making the program available online on demand for anyone who misses an airing on request, and by making the program lineup visible on CTV’s website, and also by phone to anyone who misses a program.  One World Institute has the prerogative not to cooperate if that is what they wish, but CTV has been cooperative.  Johnes seconded.  Motion carries.

Joe indicates that AT&T has not yet provided a return line so that CTV programming can be carried on AT&T.  Joe is going to contact Kinson Perry, attorney for AT&T.

CTV is going to get a new realtor; they are in need of a commercial broker.  They are on a six month lease in the present location.

CTV had a burglary in June.  Four computers were taken; the thieves were in and out in less than a minute. 

CTV has an order 8 new cameras; 4 for field, 4 for in studio use.  They have requested funds from the state for the in-studio cameras.

George reports that the city of Hamden has sent us a letter that Carl Lambert will not be continuing on our board, so there is an opening for a Hamden member.

Meeting adjourned 7:12 p.m.