October 2012


October 4, 2012 Minutes

Weds. Oct. 4, 2012


George Alexander, Treasurer, H

Don Levy, H

Joyce Listro, NH

Peaches Quinn, NH

Johnes Ruta, NH

Jennifer Sacco, H

Tad Weinstein, WH, chair

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast

Joe Schofield, CTV

Meeting called to order 6:05 p.m.

Johnes moved to approve August minutes, seconded by Peaches; motion carried.  George moved to approve Sept. minutes with minor change to reflect “links to documents on homepage;” Johnes seconded.  Motion carried.

Sharon gave Comcast report.

Johnes asked about Classic Arts Showcase being added On Demand;  acc. to Sharon, seems not likely, because not in demand by the public.  Classic Arts Showcase is available on CTV in our area.

George asked about Comcast’s policy about returning equipment at end of service—does Comcast regularly pick up boxes, or do they have to be brought to a service center.  Seems to be some different responses from Comcast.

Jen asked Sharon to suggest that the website for Xfinity make it possible to adjust services for a customer more easily; one cannot add a DTA or a DVR via the website.

Joe gave CTV report.  CTV received the grant for $45,000 for new studio cameras and accessories from the state.  These will be digital cameras with HD capability (though CTV does not broadcast in HD).  Joe anticipates the cameras will be on site and running within a few weeks.

CTV has found a property of interest to move in to, though it will not be available for a year.  AT&T has agreed to hook up CTV here, as well as when they move.  There are still some outstanding issues to be worked out, including the return line.  Some purchased national programming will not be available to AT&T users, however, because it would go statewide, instead of just to the three towns, as it does on Comcast.  Proprietary issues will prevent broadcast to the rest of the state.

George moved that the CTAC recognize Mr. Sydney Evans for his efforts to defend and enforce the public’s First Amendment rights at Citizen Television by means of our Cable Television Advisory Council for Hamden, New Haven and West Haven.  Johnes seconded; motion carried.

George moved that we transfer the balance of funds of CTAC at TD Bank to the CTAC account at Connex Credit Union and thereafter close the CTAC account at TD Bank.   Peaches seconded; motion carried.

Peaches moved that we list our names on our website, but only contact info for the group email address and P.O. box.  Joyce seconded. 

We reviewed the list of members to see who has effectively resigned by their non-attendance (consistent with our bylaws.)  The towns will be notified of the vacancies, and Peaches moved that we email members to let them know that they are effectively resigned, according to our bylaws.  This applies to Paul Scanlon, Shalita Sampson, and Richard Gay.  Peaches moved that we send notice to our resigned members; Joyce seconded.  Motion carried.


“According to the bylaws of the CTAC (September 6, 2006), Section 2, Paragraph B “Term of Members” “Each member of the Advisory Council shall serve for a term of two years from the first day of July in the year such members is appointed.  At the end of the two-year term, a member may remain on the Advisory Council until re-appointed or replaced.  If an Advisory Council member has three consecutive unexcused absences or does not attend 50 percent of meetings duly noticed and held within a 12 month period, then the member will be deemed to have resigned from the Advisory Council.”  The council has determined that you have resigned; we appreciate your previous service and will notify your town of the vacancy on the council.”

Meeting adjourned 7:13 p.m.