December 2012


December 5, 2012 Minutes

Wednesday. Dec. 5, 2012  CTAC Meeting 


George Alexander, Treasurer, H

Don Levy, H

Peaches Quinn, NH

Johnes Ruta, NH

Tad Weinstein, WH, chair

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast representative (non-voting)

Annual Dinner Meeting at App’s Restaurant, West Haven.

Meeting called to order 6:25 p.m.


George Alexander gave report on  status of N’zinga Shani complaint against CTV: She wants a second weekly hour for her video show “One World,” while CTV offers only one hour per week, according to its Charter. N’zinga has been  communicating directly with PURA and bypassed CTAC from the very beginning. — Discussion takes place about how to best remedy conflict  between N’zinga and CTV.   Tad explains that Sharon Codeanne, Representative of Comcast, had a meeting with both N’zinga and CTV in 2011, but issue of second hour demanded was not agreed, show has Sunday showing, but she also wants a Wednesday showing added. 

From October meeting  (last previous meeting because of November 7 storm meeting cancellation),
Tad reminds us again of the recent passing of Sidney Evans, who frequently attended and taped meetings in 2010 & 2011.  Peaches Quinn proposes  to remember memories of Stuart Arotsky (former CTAC member and Chair who  passed away in 2010)  and to  Sidney Evans for his work and involvement with the CTAC  to defend and enforce the public’s First Amendment rights at Citizen Television.

CTV –  Not attended and report

COMCAST REPORT – Sharon Codeanne

Comcast bought 500 backpacks for students which were donated to Strong Elementary School of New Haven, in order to replace that school’s teachers’ use of zip-lock bags for homework assignments, Elementary classes K thru 6th grade.  This gift will be announced tomorrow, Dec. 8th. Kids will also get internet access at reduced subscription rates.


FINANCIAL REPORT – George Alexander

1. George says that the CTAC bank account with TD Bank has now been closed and remaining  2012 balance transferred to a new CONNEX Credit Union account: approximately $11,000, minus tonight’s bill for the annual CTAC dinner at App’s .

2. George proposes motion to authorize payment for web design work.  Budgeted amount authorized in September by CTAC was $500, and the total Bill for Services came to $480 — $20 under budget.
George’s motion to make payment is seconded by Peaches Quinn. Vote taken and carried unanimously.



October Minutes recorded by Don Levy are submitted for approval. Two typographical errors had been corrected. Johnes makes motion to accept. Don seconded motion. Vote taken, carried unanimously.

Johnes recommends that CTV give N’zinga Shani second hour for her show “21st Century Conversations” to resolve her issue once and for all.  General comments that this offer would not resolve her complaint as well as CTV modified their rules and procedures  which makes not possible to add the second showing live.  George recommends previous offer be made again – to put all her shows onto the CTV On-Demand system, for easy access.  CTAC awaits response indications from PURA as to follow up on this issue. No actions will be taken by CTAC until then. 

General discussion regarding CTAC protocol of responsibilities to advise CTV and Comcast planning and policies, CTAC advisory responsibilities to the Connecticut Legislature, and reporting to PURA of CTAC research and minutes.



1. Letters approved to be sent to 3 CTAC representative members who have not attended 50% of meetings, or have missed more than three consecutive meetings without communicating their reasons to CTAC – that they are no longer members. 

2. Accordingly, letters have been sent to mayor’s offices of represented towns (Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven) of CTAC membership positions for towns, libraries, and school systems, to recommend for each  town mayor to notify their Board of Education Superintendants and Library Directors to appoint new members to fill vacant positions on the CTAC Council.


Meeting adjourned 9:10 p.m.