September 2017


September 6, 2017 Minutes

CTAC   – Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2017
Meeting called to order @ 6:05 PM.


Members in attendance:
Tad Weinstein (West Haven), Chair
Peaches Quinn (New Haven) Vice-Chair
George Alexander (Hamden), Treasurer
Johnes Ruta, (New Haven), Advisor, Acting Secretary
Ashley Sklar (New Haven Public Library System)

Sharon Codeanne (Comcast Representative)

1.   August CTAC Minutes (submitted by Johnes).   George makes Motion to approve the August Minutes.
Ashley seconds. Vote carried.

  1. COMCAST Report — submitted by Sharon Codeanne.Community Relations
  2. Comcast has awarded a $20,000 grant to the New Haven Boys & Girls Club to support their
    digital literacy program called My Future.b. Comcast is sponsoring Concepts for Adaptive Learning’s annual fundraising gala on September 27th.
    This is free computer training to low-income families, held in New Haven (Anthony’s Restairant),
    Waterbury, and Bridgeport.

    a. Cellular service for iPhone – Smsung Galaxy Android.   No Roaming charges for calls outside
    of the area.   Service available in Comcast service area only.

    Johnes asks about the new Xfinity website – whether there is still user-friendly listings for
    Upcoming and On-Demand programming ?     Sharon will research for next meeting.

    Peaches speaks about Comcast WiFi Router deficiencies. Sharon will research for next meeting.

    3.   Video Contest status:   No entries submitted by the public so far.

    George suggests we each enter a contest application to test the system.

    Publicity recommendations:
    – Connecticut Post Chronicle Bulletin Board
    – Mayor’s Monthly Newsletter
    – Journal Courier for Hamden & North Haven
    – Hamden Journal – www.thehamdenjournal.cp,/


Application deadline:
Johnes makes a formal Motion to extend the entry application Deadline to December 31.
George Alexander seconds this motion.   Vote – carried

4. The next meeting of the CTAC is set for Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 6:00 PM.

CTAC Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Minutes Submitted by Johnes Ruta, CTAC Acting Secretary, New Haven Rep #2