July 2021


July 7, 2021 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Minutes   July 7, 2021 – ZOOM TELECONFERENCE

Attending members:

Peaches Quinn (New Haven)   Acting Chairperson – ZOOM Host
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven) Advisor
Laurel Coleman (Hamden) Advisor
George Alexander (Hamden) Treasurer
Tom Costa (New Haven Library System)   Advisor
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Joe Schofield         – CTV Representative – not in attendance.

Sharon Codeanne – Comcast Representative – not in attendance

  1. Call to order 6:06pm. II.   Welcome and Minutes(a) Zoom video recording:   Peaches make Motion to henceforth video record the
    Zoom meetings and publish to the CTAC Facebook page and the CTAC website George states that CTAC meetings are “public meetings”
    according to our By-Laws, including Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven.
    Johnes seconds Motion to video our meetings on Zoom. Brief discussion.
    Motion vote – all are in favor, Yes.

    (b) June Minutes – acceptance is deferred pending revisions.

    (c)   May Minutes approved? Yes, all drafts are complete. Peaches has sent a copy of the
    Fourth Draft. George will put the May Minutes onto the CTAC website.

    III.    Treasurer’s Report – George Alexander

    (a) George reports that the Brewery Street P.O. Box charge has been paid. Otherwise
    “there have been no changes” – no expenditures, no income.

    (b) CTAC Connex Card: Johnes reports that the Grubhub charges for members’ June
    meeting orders did not execute, so that he had to use his own credit-card to pay
    for all six orders. Was then reimbursed, Peaches recommended that Johnes contact
    Connex and Grubhub again to configure the credit card into the Grubhub account.

    IV.     CTV Report – Joe Schofield – No report filed.   Mr. Schofield is not in attendance.

    V.     Comcast Report – Sharon Codeanne (not in attendance).



One Comcast Center

Philadelphia, PA 19103




Inclusiv and Comcast Corporation today announced that Comcast has committed to invest $10 million specifically aimed at building equity in credit unions led by and/or serving people of color through Inclusiv’s Racial Equity and Resilience Investment Fund (“the Fund”). Launched in 2020, the Fund leverages investments to increase lending to minority owned businesses, homeowners, and consumers, providing access to capital and new financial opportunity to traditionally underserved and underbanked communities. As Inclusiv’s first corporate investment, Comcast’s commitment will enable local financial institutions to deploy at least $200 million in total capital in communities that need it the most and help ensure hardworking individuals have access to the capital needed to build and strengthen their financial lives.

This high-impact investment also paves the way for additional contributions from social impact investors, further growing the Fund’s impact and reach. The Racial Equity and Resilience Investment Fund builds upon the highly successful Inclusiv Resilience Grant Fund, which raised more than $1 million in grant funds for 59 minority-designated credit unions serving more than 200,000 members.

The unprecedented economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the long-standing racial wealth gap caused by generations of systemic racism in the United States. People and communities of color saw their income levels, ways to accumulate wealth, and entrepreneurial opportunities lag behind that of their white counterparts before and after the pandemic, disparities that became even more pronounced over the past year. Currently, the unemployment rate for Black workers is almost double that of white workers. Additionally, Black-owned small businesses have experienced the most significant decline among active small business owners nationwide, shutting their doors at more than twice the rate of white-owned businesses.

“Our partnership is driven by the simple – but powerful – idea that businesses can help change and

improve lives,” said Dalila Wilson-Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation. “This investment reflects our commitment to advancing pathways to economic mobility and racial equity. We applaud Inclusiv’s leadership in removing barriers to financial opportunity and helping drive powerful returns that reach across entire communities.”

Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) and Minority-Designated Institutions (MDIs), which are locally owned financial institutions, have stepped in to meet essential needs in their communities. They helped unbanked consumers open accounts to receive stimulus checks safely, delivered low and no-cost emergency loans to meet basic household needs, provided forbearance on existing loans, and made at least $4 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans to small and micro businesses during the pandemic.

“Large-scale investments grow community-based financial institutions to fulfill their mission – helping

people traditionally left out of the financial mainstream to access and use financial products to build credit,start and grow small businesses, and achieve the dream of homeownership,” said Cathie Mahon, President and CEO of Inclusiv. “Comcast’s investment enables these crucial front-line institutions to provide solutions to inequitable access to credit in communities of color. Inclusiv welcomes Comcast as a new investor, moving investment into action to build strong and diverse local economies.”

Community development and MDI credit unions can have significant impact on their communities if

supported with the capital necessary to thrive. Secondary capital allows CDCUs and MDIs to do more of what they do best – extend credit and provide safe and affordable financial services to underserved

individuals who may not otherwise have access to them. Inclusiv studies have shown that CDCUs that

received these investments leveraged capital up to 60 times over 5 years – resulting in more loan

deployment, more financial products and services offered, and more specialized lending.

About Inclusiv

At Inclusiv, we believe that true financial inclusion and empowerment is a fundamental right. We dedicate ourselves to closing the gaps and removing barriers to financial opportunities for people living in distressed and underserved communities. Inclusiv is a certified CDFI intermediary that transforms local progress into lasting national change. We provide capital, make connections, build capacity, develop innovative products and services and advocate for our member community development credit unions (CDCUs). Inclusiv members serve over 14 million residents of low-income urban, rural and reservation based communities across the US and hold over $184 billion in community-controlled assets.

Founded in 1974, Inclusiv is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Madison, WI and Atlanta, GA. For more information about Inclusiv visit us at and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is a global media and technology company that connects people to moments that matter. We are principally focused on broadband, aggregation, and streaming with over 56 million customer relationships across the United States and Europe. We deliver broadband, wireless, and video through our Xfinity, Comcast Business, and Sky brands; create, distribute, and stream leading entertainment, sports, and news through Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, Universal Studio Group, Sky Studios, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, Peacock, NBC News, NBC Sports, Sky News, and Sky Sports; and provide memorable experiences at Universal Parks and Resorts in the United States and Asia.

Visit for more information.


Interested supporters with questions about the Inclusiv Racial Equity and Resilience Investment Fund

can contact Cathi Kim, Director of Inclusiv/Capital, at [email protected].

Media Contacts:

Audrey Wang

Inclusiv   [email protected]

Joelle Terry

Comcast Corporation   [email protected]

Comcast Minutes Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 – CONTINUED

(b)   Comcast Customer complaint – being multiply charged subscriber “Late Fees.”
Comcast official reply: “Not a problem.”   It is agreed among CTAC advisors
present that this is not an acceptable reply. The customer reported that this Late
Fee had been repeatedly imposed as an extra charge of their monthly bill, as the
payments of the initial Late Fee was being contested, and therefore the payments
were considered by Comcast to be two months behind. The subscriber’s name
is Kimrose.

Peaches makes a Motion to pursue Comcast explanation if they can justify an
additional Late Fee being imposed every month, adding up to hundreds of dollars
of extra charges. Laurel Coleman asks about the sequence of this subscriber’s
letters of complaint to CTAC.   Laurel, George, and Johnes agree that Comcast’s
                        response to this situation is inadequate.  Peaches Quinn says that she intends to
follow up with Sharon Codeanne at Comcast and will formally request a letter of
acknowledgement. Laurel Coleman seconds Peaches’ Motion. Vote – all in favor.

(c)   Peaches proposes Motion: Question to Sharon Codeanne; “How does Comcast
respond to this revolving circular motion.   Yvonne Manning-Jones seconds
this Motion. All in favor.

(d)   Comcast P/R – Employment – Peaches – “Are employment opportunities easy to come
by?”   Laurel discusses issues of people’s needs” “How can people access these
resources?”     Peaches: “Comcast is sending monies $ to resources: MBI, Credit
Unions, Equity Financials, Community Development, Science Park Development
Corp. etc.     Peaches makes Motion to follow-up with Comcast P/R for Hamden,
New Haven, West Haven? Johnes seconds the Motion. Vote – all Yes, but George

Tom Costa asks: “Can we get Comcast to to include a copy of the the Press Release
in their billing customer letters?”   Peaches responds, “Comcast is not likely to do
that in their billing, and more likely to push-back against this request. She asks Tom
to follow-up about eligibility, and how Comcast’s money is being disseminated?

VI.   Old Business

(a)   CTAC Public Service Announcement update – Laurel Coleman – requested report
is deferred to October, when CTV has fully reopened.

(b) Community Awards
* Veterans outreach – update – Anthony Cardo – no info to update.
* Other ideas: e.g. Community rooms, public housing – no info to update.

(c) CTAC Facebook page : Update —Y. Manning – No update.


(d) Lettter to 3 Mayors urging city-wide internet – Issue deferred to next meeting.



(e) General Assembly – Bill 6442- Internet Equity – Update from Sen Gary Winfield
– Sen. Winfield was invited to this meeting but was unavailable.



VII. New Business

(a)   CTAC Officers nominations:   Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary.

1. Peaches makes Motion for procedural to multiple positions – canvas to these
four positions:

Chair – Peaches offers her incumbent position to others but no takers. Johnes
renominates her. Laurel seconds Motion. All – yes.

Vice Chain – Laurel Coleman volunteers.   All in favor.

Treasurer – George offers to continue to handle financial matters. All in favor.

Secretary – Anthony volunteers. Johnes volunteers to continue his responsibility.
Johnes proposes alternating services month-by-month.

George questions whether this is or is not an option in the By-Laws? Issue for
further discussion. Johnes and Anthony will discuss.

George makes Motion to approve slate of Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer.
Johnes seconds Motion. All are in favor.

(b) CTAC By Laws

  • Revision   – Issue not addressed.
  • Updating – Issue not addressed. Adjournment (a) George makes Motion for August meeting – Wednesday August 4th 5:30 to 7:30.
    Johnes seconds Motion. All in favor.

    (b) Peaches asks for Motion to Adjourn. Johnes makes Motion. Yvonne seconds.

    Meeting adjourned 7:25 PM

    Draft of July Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta. July 28, 2021.


June 2, 2021 Minutes

FINAL   CTAC Meeting Minutes   June 2, 2021 – ZOOM TELECONFERENCE

Attending members:

Peaches Quinn (New Haven)   Acting Chairperson – ZOOM Host
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven) Advisor
Laurel Coleman (Hamden) Advisor
George Alexander (Hamden) Treasurer
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative – not in attendance.

Sharon Codeanne – Comcast Representative – not in attendance

  1. Call to order 6:13pm.  

    II.    May Minutes

_ Peaches requests the Comcast report to be attached to Minutes for May and subsequently
(if there was one) versus summarizing commentary.
_ Section #8 – Subscriber issues – Peaches will provide revisions.   Vote Carried.

III.     Treasurer’s Report

George Alexander reports “Balance remains the same.” (No expenditures)

Johnes reports that the Connex Credit Card that he was issued did not function when he
used it to pay for Grubhub dinners for CTAC members for this meeting, even though
he had recently verified its active status with the Connex Credit Union. Johnes paid for
all GrubHub orders via his own Credit Card, and was later reimbursed for the full amount
by the CTAC Treasurer. There has been no further resolution of this problem.

Treasurer’s report– Johnes makes Motion to accept. Yvonne seconded to accept. Vote -all yes,

IV.        CTV Report – Joe Schofield is absent from the meeting.

Peaches asked whether Joe mentioned the progress of the PSA for CTAC that we all attended       for video recording in early February 2020, before the pandemic was called. There was no         mention. The Council             expects that when the CTV opens in September 2021, that the recorded
PSA will get attention.

(Note from May Minutes: TV offices and studios have been closed since March 2020
due to Covid-19, but will reopen June 1st for staff only, not for producers.   Then September       1st for producers. All persons who enter must show proof of vaccination (CT Vaccination
Card. Masks and Social Distancing will be required for all. Otherwise, persons
will not be allowed entry.)


  1. COMCAST Report – None submitted to CTAC.

    a.  Subscribers’ issues:   CTAC has only one Comcast contact – Sharon.
    Peaches Quinn will distribute Sharon’s email contact so that we can all reach her.

    b.  Yvonne Manning-Jones notes that Comcast subscriber contracts are known to expire
    without notification or warning and subscribers’ bills will suddenly increase by
    a large amount to the next higher subscription tier.
    Peaces inquires if there was any alert to subscribers of immanent increases showing
    on the Comcast website? None known.

    c.             George added a post to the CTAC website ( for “FAQ [Frequently
    Asked Questions] published by PURA, including info about the Comcast app to view
    the status of a subscriber’s data usage.

    VI       Old Business

    a. PSA. Laurel informs the council that, since the video PSA has not been completed,
    CTV will put an announcement indicating CTAC is recruiting for new members on the       community calendar. Peaches request Laurel submit the announcement to be posted            on the CTAC website and Facebook page.

    b. Community Awards –
    (1) Anthony Cardo reports on the progress of outreach from the Veterans Hospital
    and veterans groups.
    (2) Other ideas:
    Senior Centers
    Community rooms: usage for seniors – ? should the CTAC give grants for these
    programs ?

A community award be provided to the Q-House once it reopens.
Discussion to continue.

c.   CTAC Facebook page & website update:
George states that our site is presently reaching out to the public. No design changes          needed.

d.   Letters to Mayors (of towns of our jurisdiction) – Peaches has sent out request from
mayors on status of our request for city-wide WiFi. She reports that there have been
deferred actions now pending outcome of the CT General Assembly activity.

e.   General Assembly – Focus on Gov’s Bill 6442 – Internet Equity —PQ

Joint Favorable in Approps, 05/03; Tabled for House Calendar, 05/04

Contact with Comment: Reps, Elliot, Horn and/or Candelaria (Appropriations);
Sen Gary Winfield, Energy and Tech Committee

  1. Annual Report:

    (1) George submitted all the monthly Minutes for the past fiscal year. Approved.
    The inclusive report goes to PURA.

    (2) Financial Report of Expenditures. Peaches stresses that all expenditures
    should be reported.

(3)   George and Peaches debate on how to submit the Annual Report to PURA –
whether submission on the preset Form.

(4)     Peaches Quinn stresses Community Outreach needs. George reminds that CTV
provides free meeting space for CTAC’s monthly meetings. Johnes agrees that
Community Outreach contributions by Comcast are essential to enabling CTAC’s
mission working with the cable subscriber public.

(5)   George Alexander makes a Motion that major contributions made as one-time gifts                        from CTAC in 2020 for financial assistance to Hamden and. New Haven
be put into the Annual Report..   Johnes seconds this Motion.
All – Yes; Laurel abstains.

(6)   Laurel suggested adding a financial footnote to the annual report financial section to

highlight the community awards which CTAC awarded the past year. However, the discission from members was not to include the footnotes.

(7)   Johnes makes a Motion to approve the submission of the Annual Report to PURA
as prepared by the Treasurer through email, contingent on the the addition of
George’s point reference to the body of .the Minutes. Yvonne makes the Motion to
Second. Vote – all in favor,

VII. New Business

  1. a. CTAC Officers Nominating Committee – Not taken up.

    CTAC By-Laws 1) Revision; 2) Review updating – Not taken up.

    c. May Statewide Meeting –   Not taken up.

7:10 pm,   Johnes makes Motion to Adjourn. Yvonne seconds Motion. All Agreed.

Next CTAC Meeting: Wednesday, July 7th, 2021, 6:00pm, via Zoom.

June 2nd, 2021 Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta, (New Haven) Acting Secretary.