November 2021


October 6, 2021 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council

Monthly Meeting for October 6, 2021
in-person venue at Luce’ Ristaurante Italiano, Hamden, CT

Advisor’s Present:                                                    Advisor’s Absent:

Peaches Quinn (New Haven) – Chair

George Alexander (Hamden) – Treasurer

Laurel Colman (Hamden) – Vice-Chair

Johnes Ruta (New Haven) – Secretary

Anthony Cardo (Hamden) – Assistant Secretary

Yvone Manning Jones (New Haven)

Tom Costa (New Haven Library System Representative)

Melissa Canham-Clyne   New member – (Hamden Library System Representative)


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:06 P.M

    * Meeting presided by Laurel Colman in absence of Peaches Quinn at time meeting
    * Introduction of new member Melissa Canham-Clyne representing Hamden Public Library
    System, Note of allowance of her membership by CTAC By-Laws, though a resident
    of New Haven. Self-introductions of existing member to the new member.

    II.   Review and Approval of Minutes for August 7, 2021, Zoom Meeting

* Yvonne Manning-Jones specifies an error in Item IV of the August 2021 Minutes
(taken by Anthony) indicating that she had “abstained” on the vote to accept the Minutes,
but states that she did not and “would not have any reason to do so.” A correction to
Item IV of the August Minutes is indicated. Otherwise, with this one correction to be
made, Anthony makes a Motion to accept the Minutes for August. Johnes Seconds
this Motion. Vote – all in favor – carried.

Yvonne Manning-Jones enters a Motion to create a link to the CTAC Minutes to be put
online into the New Haven Boards & Commissions website. Peaches Quinn Seconds
this Motion. Vote – all unanimous, Carried.

Peaches Quinn (Chairperson) arrives and assumes Chair of the Meeting, apologizes for arriving late, due to a health situation at home, states importance and collegialship of our meeting procedures .

III. CTAC Mission

Peaches speaks about the CT State Statutes 16-333 pertaining to Cable Franchises
and Advisory Councils. Peaches’ research discovered a summary by Kevin McCarthy’s
of the OLR – Office of Legislative Research – “What Cable Advisory Councils are All
About,”   and gives copies of this report to the CTAC members, that we exist as an
advisory council to Comcast to represent public issues to Comcast. Johnes points out
that CTAC reports to P.U.R.A. (the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority).

IV.   Treasurer’s Report

George states that the present balance of CTAC funds is $5,006.30. No spending            of         funds occurred during past month. Peaches brings up question of how to show any
spending remittances. Johnes suggests simply printing the online banking statement
of these.   Peaches refused to entertain this as a “Motion.”

Peaches makes Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Yvonne Seconds this Motion
All in favor but Johnes who Abstains. Motion carried.

V.    Comcast Report

Comcast Represe ntative Sharon Codeanne was unable to attend this meeting due to         Covid and a recent death in her family. She was also to send her email report, but this
was also not received.

  1. Frontier

    * Peaches picks up information on Frontier from the Statewide-Media Advisory Council.
    Says Frontier did not want to participate at the local Advisory councils, rather than on
    the local councils. The Statewide meetings can be attended by members of our Council
    and Peaches recommends that any member do so.

    * Elaine Burkhart is working on re-wording the By-Laws of state and local advisories.
    Peaches wants our Council to learn what the new wording of Legislative Bills
    will be ?

    *   Peaches states she has learned that the names of Cable Tevelision Advisory Councils
    on the state and local level is being changed to “Video Advisory Council.”
    Johnes asks what are the ramifications of this name change might be concerning
    councils’ jurisdiction?   Peaches does not know what this entails.

    VII.    CTV – Citizens Television

    *   Laurel reports that the CTV studio has not yet reopened to the public or for CTAC
    meetings. Nether has the CTAC PSA for CTV been completed for broadcast, but
    meetings are announced on the CTV Community Bulletin Board.

* Peaches asks whether the Citizens Television Comcast channels 26, 27, & 96
are available online. No.
VIII. Old Business

* By-Laws: What changes have been approved to the wording of membership
regulation of Boards of Education and Library Systems of towns in our jurisdiction.

* CTAC Facebook Page: Yvonne reports no new news or issues on the CTAC Facebook

* Community Awards:   No activity has been planned or accomplished.
Anthony is seeking a non-profit Veteran organization to be give a financial award.

* Peaches suggests that CTAC again seek high-school and/or middle-school for
video workshops for video production training. This might help teachers also
who often are the ones purchasing materials and equipment using their own funds.

IX.   New Business

*   Yvonne speaks about a new video internet service in East Hartford called
SiFiNetwork,com which has be come a partner with the town of East Hartford
with a plan with coverage for 30 towns inclusive.

* Yvonne talks about GoNetSpeed which is expanding service to Milford proposing
a FLEX-Plan for subscription payments with no-contracts. Yvonne suggests
CTAC list comparative subscription rates of cable and alternative video options
on the CTAC website, a monthly column “In the News” category for the webpage,
in order to help .

* Yvonne makes a Motion to this extent for a monthly column on “Cable News.”
Johnes Seconds this Motion. Vote is unanimous.

* Tom Costa relates Library actions to provide FREE WiFi Access within 3 blocks
of Main New Haven Public Library. This has been proposed in the past, but no
actions taken to implement. Peaches makes Motion for Melissa to look into
WiFi Access which is outside of NH Library range.   Johnes Seconds this Motion.
Vote – all in favor, carried.

*   Peaches makes a Motion to have Tom Costa and Melissa partner to draft a letter
to the mayors of all three towns (Hamden, New Haven, & West Haven), after
the upcoming town elections for public City-Wide Free WiFi Access, and to
determine the cost information and estimates of how this would be paid-for
for uch a plan.   Johnes Seconds this Motion. Vote is all in favor, carried.

X.   Minutes Archiving

* George speaks about the paper archive records of the CTAC which go back to
the 1990s, of Minutes and financial records. George wishes these records find
a way to be digitized and created into PDF documents to preserve the history
of CTAC. Peaches recommends we hire a service to scan and organize these
records consisting of two heavy boxes of papers and documents.
George makes a Motion to have this done. Laurel Seconds this Motion,
and the vote is unanimous. Johnes offers to take these boxes from George
and seek scanning professional services and costing expenses.

XI.   CTAC Budget

* Peaches recommends a new documentation chart for organizing the CTAC Budget
to work out expense categories into a columned template for such needs as Meeting
expenses, Legal fees, Community Outreach and website expenses, and Community
Awards.   George Alexander objects to this as unneeded for documentation; all that is
needed is simple reporting of expenses.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 P.M.

Next Meeting:   November 3, 2021. via Zoom
Submitted by: _Johnes Ruta ______________________________

Jonhes Ruta, Secretary

Anthony Caro, Assistant Secretary