AT&T VRADs in CT Need Landowner Approval

Blumenthal praises decision against AT&T
By CT Attorney General’s Office
May 27, 2008 – 8:30:45 PM

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal praised a Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) decision requiring that AT&T – prior to installing its massive U-Verse service boxes – obtain the consent of all abutting property owners and municipalities.

The decision also requires that AT&T promptly notify and obtain approval from citizens whose properties abut the hundreds of U-Verse service boxes that have already been installed in Connecticut.

State law requires consent of abutting property owners before making modifications to public rights of way. In formal comments filed with the DPUC, Blumenthal urged that the DPUC require AT&T to follow the law and obtain legally required consent from affected property owners and municipalities. 

Blumenthal acted after his office received several complaints from citizens about the installation of refrigerator-sized V-RAD boxes in several neighborhoods. 

“Today’s decision is a vital victory for public safety and property owner rights – protecting citizens from insensitive and illegal disregard for their homes,” Blumenthal said. “My office has received countless complaints from citizens throughout Connecticut about AT&T’s refrigerator-sized utility boxes. These boxes have been installed without consent or caution, as legally required. 

“The DPUC has rightfully recognized AT&T’s failure to obtain lawful approval from all abutting property owners and municipalities before installing hundreds of V-RAD boxes – and now must obtain such consent for future, as well as past, installations. Today’s decision requires that AT&T act promptly and affirmatively to obtain approval – and seek reasonable resolutions where property owners protest. Municipalities also have a rightful role to protect public safety and other public interests.” 

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