February 1, 2023 Minutes

Cable Television Advisory Council
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 6:00 pm Monthly Meeting – ZOOM

Attendance: Johnes Ruta, George Alexander, Tom Costa, Amy Horan, Melissa Canham-Clyne
Call to order 6:11 pm
Welcome and Minutes – January Minutes. Minor change made with typo in paragraph seven, to “t”s typo. Mr. Alexander moved to accept the minutes. Mr. Costa seconded. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer: George Alexander:
YTD funds balance. Received $2000 from Comcast. $271.22 spent on December meeting. Balance effective today: $6655.42. Ms. Canham-Clyne moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Mr. Costa seconded. Unanimous approval.
CTV – Executive Director Joseph Schofield, not in attendance
Comcast –– Comcast Representative Amy Horan
Report –
Shared information about community initiatives being undertaken by Comcast. Below this information is shared;
Comcast is continuing our partnerships this year with Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Haven, Freddy Fixer Parade, Urban League of Southern CT and United Way of Greater New Haven. As part of our partnership with the United Way of Greater New Haven we are working on some Team Up events – specifically volunteering for Read Across America in March at Clinton AvenueSchool and a project in April timeframe.
We will also continue to work with Concepts for Adaptive Learning as part of a $50K grant they received last year as part of our Adoption Innovation Fund to promote outreach and connection to the Affordable Connectivity Program.
Discussion ensued about rate increases that occurred in December. Rate increases are reflective of increases in the industry [i.e. broadcasting fees]. Bundles should have been protected. If a rate increase occurred in the bundle, the account can be reviewed to see what might have happened to the bundle. Committee asked for a list of bundle packages that may have rate increase protection. Committee recommended that Comcast review policies to make it easier for the customer to understand bundle/service price points and expiration dates.
Comcast Abuse Dept. is aware of fraudulent announcements from Comcast. Comcast does notify customers with security updates. Discussion about how Comcast follows up on reports of fraud.
Old Business
CTAC Public Service Announcement: This has not been updated.
Facebook/Website Update:
Update regarding GoDaddy: Mr. Alexander suggested that current membership be added to the account. It is difficult to remove previous members from the account. Ms. Manning-Jones offered to act as a community volunteer and update our Facebook account.
Community Awards 2023 planning:
Ms. Canham-Clyne will contact Hannah Grey and Mr. Alexander will contact Partnerships Adult Day Center to see if these organizations still use Comcast.
Subscriber Issues
Subscriber Correspondence: Difficulties with GoDaddy website make it hard to access complaints. The site suffers a large amount of spam.
New Business
Meeting Adjourns at 7:08. Ms. Canham-Clyne moved. Mr. Alexander seconded. Anonymous approval.
Next meeting March 1