February 3, 2021 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Minutes   February 3, 2021 – ZOOM TELECONFERENCE
  (due to virus pandemic)

Attending members:

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) – Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven) – Advisor
Laurel Colemen (Hamden) Advisor
Anthony Cardo   (Hamden) Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Sharon Codeane – Comcast Represntative – not in attendence.
Joe Schofield         – CTV Represntative – not in attendence.

  1. Call to order 6:02pm.   Teleconference members on Zoom.2.   Meeting Minutes December 2, 2020, (most previous CTAC meeting.) Peaches requests that
    all members read December Minutes, and submit requested changed by Friday , February 12th.

    3.     Treasurer’s Report – George Alexander

    George will submit Treasurer’s Report updates as soon as possible.

    4.     CTV Report     Joe Schofield – Executive Director CTV – not in attendence.
    No report; no one has heard from Joe Schofiled.

    5.     COMCAST       Sharon Codeanne – Comcast Representative – not in attendance.
    CTAC members stipulate that Comcast needs regular representation and attendance
    at CTAC meetings.

    Johnes states that the situation with Comcast rates and announced data caps

    6. . Old Business

    a. Laurel’s report on PSA: “has not heard anything” so no update on work on PSA,
    as schools are not in regular session.

    b. Anthony’s report on Community Awards: he has sent out many email inquiries only one
    response – from House of Heroes – which turned down the request: “not in our mission profile.” Peaches notes that there are presently no groups are assembling or responding
    on these on this program.

    c. CTAC Facebook page: Yvonne states there have been no changes. She has been perusing
    other Advisory councils; she saw one ADA offering plug-in for computer screen access
    for individuals with disabilities. Peaches notes that community constituents would need
    Spanish or other languages for screen texts.

    7. New Business.

    Peaches brings up subject of where on the internet to find the registry of Proposed Bills
    in the Connecticut Legislature, directs each Zoom meeting participant to open the internet
    to the CGA for the CT General Assembly:   CGA.ct.gov – then find the icon for the
    Energy & Technology Committee – where CT Senator Gary Winfield is the Chairperson.
    Next find the icon on this screen for BILL RECORD BOOK. Here, the prefic PSB
    represents “Proposed Senate Bill,” and PHB represents “Proposed House Bill.”

    On this list we find PHB-6156 : A Proposed House Bill “To Prevent a Cumulative
    Internet Usage Data Cap.” The purpose of this proposed law would be to disallow
    internet cable franchises from charging extra rates when a limited amount of internet                                                                                                                                                                  connectivity.

    At 7:03 pm, CT Senator Gary Winfield (D-New Haven) joins the Zoom call as invited earlier.
    He gives an update of the progress of legislation to regulate cable company imposition of data
    usage caps: PHB-6156, in initial drafts, is one of the Bills before the Communications

    Peaches Quinn, speaking for the CTAC Council asks what we can do to effect more influence
    in the CT Legislature ? Sen. Winfield gives an email address to lobby: [email protected]
    to be sent to individual legislators with a focus on leadership members:

    Writings for Public Testimony, from citizens, and in-person visits to the State Capitol
    (present in-person limit is 3 minutes) and in written form.
    1. contact committee members
    2. provide specifics on how to interface with public
    3. articulate issues
    4. ask for action in State Legislature
    5. put together a coalition.

George will contact Cable Statewide Advisory members   and put pressure on members
and continue outreach to other Cable Advisory councils in Connecticut.

Cable companies to be stated in legislative action:
Optimum,   Frontier, Spectrum, Cablevision,   Comcast (Hartford, Middletown, Danbury,
New Haven, Groton.

Peaches Quinn reiterates our call to have the internet be declared a Public Utility, so that
P.U.R.A. can assume responsibility as the Internet Regulator.

Peaches requests an additional Zoom meeting this Friday, February 5 to continue work on
tis issue. Peaches makes a Motion to engage an advocacy on behalf of internet and prohibition     against cable companies imposition of additional charges of internet usage, especially during
Covid-19 Pandemic.   Johnes seconds this Motion. Carried my CTAC membership vote.
Peaches makes a second Motion to meet outside of regular Council schedule. Johnes seconds
this Motion. Carried by Council agreement.
George Alexander makes Motion to reach out to Statewide Advisory to ask if they want to
partner with our efforts ?   Anthony Cardo seconds this Motion. Agreed.

7:32 pm, Johnes makes Motion to Adjourn. Yvonne seconds. Agreed.

ADDENDUM     Secondary CTAC Meeting on Friday February 5th.

Peaches Quinn’s contact at PURA is Rosalind Gunn.   Peaches is seeking documentation
for Comcast’s Business Model – She has not found this documentation.

Statement of Goals – What to accomplish for any advocacy for legislation:
*   gather community strength
*   outreach
*   Legislative Bills

– PSB-4 AAC on Data Privacy


* Data Usage Fee – CTAC – CT Attorney Generat Tong has made executive action
to cable franchises to hold-off Internet Data-Caps imposition for one year.
*   Regulation of video rates

*   Net Neutrality on state and national level – all CTAC members are agreed on need for this

* Internet as a Public Utility – all CTAC members are agreed on need for this policy.
PHB-6157: introduced by Rep. Matt Blumenthal – contact his aide and determine who
are his legislative allies. We will document case – why this is a good thing?
Rep. Matt Blumenthal 860-240-8585 (son of US Senator) – determine status of this Bill:
how many other reps are associated? What is their priority of this Bill.
Are they looking for advocates ? Take “temperature” of Bill among other legislators,
in public support.

Joint CT Senate/CT House Communications Committee. Co-Sponsor – Rep. Michael
A. Winkler (56th District).   Will Senator Winfield become a Co-Sponsor ?

Next CTAC Meeting: Wednesday, March 3rd, 6:00pm, Zoom.

February 3rd and February 5th Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta, (New Haven)
Acting Chair.