January 14, 2009 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – January 14, 2009

Tad Weinstein, WH
Jennifer Sacco, H
George Alexander, H
Gabriel Michael, NH
Peaches Quinn, NH
Joe Schofield, CTV

Meeting called to order 6:00 p.m.

Tad presented emailed updates from Comcast, including shifts in channels from December and January.
Joe Schofield distributed CTV report for November.
CTV received grant from DPUC for $64,000 to redo cable pass.  Will be able to use DVD  and digital files to broadcast out of CTV, instead of VHS.  DVDs can be made at CTV by producers if they don’t already have one.  

Comcast moved channel 23 to 96.  Comcast sent a check to CTV for $500 to cover incidental costs associated with replacing logos, etc., but this doesn’t cover the cost and CTV will not accept the check. CTV perceives the change as “slamming.”  Some people with only basic cable or old tvs cannot receive this channel.

CTV will have capability of doing Video On Demand because of the upgrade.  CTV still has no plans to broadcast over AT&T, because the quality of the viewer is still too low.

Joe said he and another 2 members of CTV are going to the inauguration and will interview people, so Jen Sacco gave him the name and number of Scott McLean of Quinnipiac University who has a group of students there so they could be interviewed.

Tad asked the group to come up with goals for 2009.  Tad suggested perhaps get Comcast to create another survey; our group could be more proactive with attending CTV meetings.  George suggested we could be more proactive with the DPUC, regarding AT&T (who has been non-responsive to us), etc.  Jen suggested we focus on getting AT&T to show public television with better quality broadcast.  

Tad passed out correspondence.

New business: Jen raised the issue of the attempts to delay the shift to digital broadcasting
Correspondence was reviewed and passed on to Sharon for Comcast response.

Motion to adjourn made by Tad, meeting adjourned 7:25.