January 4, 2012 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – January 4, 2012

Call to order: A regular meeting of the CTAC, was held at CTV, Hamden, CT on 1/4/2012. The meeting convened at 6:00 p.m., President Tad Weinstein presiding, and Jennifer Sacco, secretary.

Members in attendance:

George Alexander, H treasurer

Carl Lambert, Sr., H

Peaches Quinn, NH

Johnes Ruta, NH

Jen Sacco, H secretary

Shalita Sampson, H

Paul Scanlon, WH

Tad Weinstein, WH chair


Joe Schofield, CTV

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast representative


Approval of minutes: Motion was made by Carl, and seconded by George to approve the minutes of the November meeting. Motion carried.  Motion was made by George to approve minutes of the December meeting, seconded by Johnes.  Motion carried.

Officers’ reports:

Comcast report given by Sharon Codeanne.  Price increases announced in most starter and economy services.  Johnes asked about steep price increases; Shalita asked about notification of increases and changes to technology required.  Sharon said all customers get notifications on the left-hand side of the first page of their bills, with statements on the envelope saying “important changes” inside.  Several members questioned the shape of the line at the customer service center in New Haven (which is notoriously unpleasant and seemingly inefficient).  Sharon said she would inquire at the customer service center about re-organizing the waiting line(s) and if new kiosks will be able to accept cash from people paying their bills.  Jen asked if Comcast would get wireless cable boxes (like AT&T now advertises), and Sharon says engineering is looking into it; Shalita asked if Comcast would get room-to-room dvr; Sharon says it may become available in our area this year (but maybe not).  Johnes inquired who regulates the rate increases; no one has to approve the rate increases because of the legislation that CT passed when AT&T became a provider.

Johnes moved that we send a letter to the CT legislature asking that rate increases be regulated by the state; Joe pointed out that federal law indicates the only service that can have its rate regulated by the states is basic service.  Johnes made motion again, Paul seconded.  Joe recommended sending a letter to the Office of Consumer Counsel first, to find out what the possibility of getting rate regulation, then send to a specific legislator.  Johnes would like to have included the corporations’ profit and expenses.  Motion to send letter to state legislature carries.  Paul moves that we contact the Office of Consumer Counsel with questions pertaining to these issues before we contact the legislature by March 1st.   Johnes seconds the motion.  Motion carries; Paul and Johnes will draft a letter to send before March 1st.  

CTV  Joe reports that the new server has been installed, though CTV will keep in operation a small portion of the original Tightrope server, because the transition for VOD would be too time-consuming.  CTV is in process of applying for an additional loan for a new location.  CTV is currently month-to-month at their current location with a 6 month notice required for moving or a new tenant.

Treasurer-  George did open a bank account with Connex; Tad and Jen will be added to the account.

New Business-  Peaches asked Sharon to address emergency preparedness within Comcast for customers with Comcast phone service, and what to expect during power outages and what Comcast is planning for the future, particularly pertaining to dialing 911 when power and cable is out.  Peaches also asked for copies of emergency preparedness information given to customers during initial signup.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:15.


Jennifer Sacco