January 5, 2011 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – January 5, 2011

Tad Weinstein, WH chair

George Alexander, H treasurer

Sharon Codeanne,  Comcast Representative 

Shalita Sampson, H

Peaches Quinn, NH

Richard Gay, WH

Carl Lambert, Sr., H

Joe Schofield,  CTV Representative 

Johnes Ruta, NH

Paul Scanlon, WH

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Tad Weinstein, Chairman.    

COMCAST REPORT – Sharon Codeanne

Annual Notice filed with FCC – Presented Price List effective December 6, 2010. 
New channels included in  Channel Line-up:   CPTV4U,  Discovery Health. 
Analog channels have all been discontinued. 
Up to three Digital Adapters are available to Digital customers. 

Johnes asked question about channel switching issue sometimes occurring on Digital Preferred subscription, requires pressing OK to enable subscription of access channel already subscribed to.   Sharon will forward concern to Comcast tech department. 

Johnes also asked about time frame of possible approval for Comcast to carry Classic Arts Showcase 
(a free satellite feed to carriers), still under request since October 2009.  Tad recommended Comcast 
attention to this matter. 

Joe Schofield asked if there has been any public input or reaction to the Program Descriptions showing 
on Digital channel display. He characterized these as questionable personal opinions of program quality, others present agreed.  Sharon indicated these descriptions are carried from TV Guide source. 

CTV REPORT – Joe Schofield

Joe indicated that CTV management has been preoccupied with the issue before the DPUC, as CTV was brought before the DPUC on a complaint by N’Zinga Shani. DPUC issued a Procedural Order to perform certain functions, in lieu of moving forward to a Hearing.   DPUC issued a Procedural Order for a Technical Hearing.  CTV was advised by their attorney to not respond as yet, but CTV is willing to abide 
by DPUC requirements.  Problem also had started last January, 2010, with producers of “America Speaks Its Mind”  when a conflict erupted in the CTV office over the immediacy of CTV staff availability to assist their production, as has been regularly provided. The show was cancelled that that one day, but “America Speaks Its Mind” believed that their show had been permanently cancelled.    Paul Scanlon requested further information on this and George indicated reference to this is on Docket # 10-10-08

Joe reported on December 9 meeting of CTV Board  (also attended by Peaches Quinn as CTAC representative) :  suggestions heard on how to tweak certain management and technical functions of CTV operation.   Sharon assisted in rewrites of CTV Rules and Procedures.  Draft of this will be submitted to CTV and DPUC.   By March 31, 2011, new CTV Rules and Procedures are hoped to be in place.  Next 
CTV Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 13. 

Joe mentioned that the new CTV Digital Server crashed in early December, and that as a result all CTV channels carried on Comcast were off the air for one week, until parts arrived late and repairs completed. 

The relocation of CTV studios is still undecided.  CTV is looking at possible locations in Westville, the old Mauro Motors building in Hamden,  the abandoned Staples on Whalley Avenue, New Haven.   Paul Scanlon suggested the old Montesi Motors building in West Haven, Joe will consider.  CTV requires 
6,500 square feet  for studio and office needs and has to be on a bus line.   Some considered locations do not have ATT wiring available needed in order to carry CTV on  ATT. 

George asked about CTV offerings for Comcast On-Demand.  Joe indicated all government programs will be automatically included as a priority.  Other programs offered for Comcast On-Demand will be discussed and recommended.    Joe also discussed general administrative difficulties at CTV.   

ATT still has not effected connections to carry CTV Community Access.  Joe is lobbying ATT to pay the 
expenses of the line connection, as does Comcast.   Johnes and others agreed that ATT has better financial resources for this purpose than CTV. 

CTAC  OFFICERS REPORT — George Alexander

George stated that the attorneys have submitted the report: 
            (a) CTV is behaving according to requirements. 
            (b)  N’Zinga Shani’s  program  is no longer under suspension. 
            (c)  “America Speaks Its Mind” had also been previously reinstated. 
            (d)  CTV is now in compliance with  issues (b) and (c). 

            (e)  All reports and legal correspondence are in the Docket. 

Tad proposed that the CTAC budget submitted by George be accepted.   George made a Motion that “the 2011 Budget should be the same as the Budget for 2010 and 2009, with a fixed income of $2,000  per year. 
Annual Costs are also usually fixed expenses, with the exception this year of the payment of the 
CTAC website Domain Registry and Web Hosting that has been renewed for $401.20 until Nov. 2017. 

Peaches stated that “CTAC has no basis for increasing it revenue.” 

Tad stated that he has not yet had time to review the Annual Report , but will do so. 

George stated that the current balance of the CTAC Checking Account is  $8,665.78 as of December 31, 2010. 

George made a motion to have the Budget for 2011 the same as that for 2010 and 2009.  Motion seconded by Peaches Quinn.  Motion was voted and carried. 

George stated that “Budget is not needed for Annual Report


Peaches made a Motion to accept the December Minutes.   Richard Gay seconded the Motion. 
Motion voted and carried.   

January meeting Agenda item: 
NEW BUSINESS – CTAC Goals for 2011 
Tad proposed that due to lateness of hour, this agenda item be postponed to the February meeting. 
Motion agreed by all. 

Meeting adjourned  at 7:10 p.m. by Tad Weinstein, Chairman. 

(Minutes noted and typed by Johnes Ruta, NH)