January 5, 2022 Minutes

Final Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council

ZOOM Meeting for January 5, 2022

Advisors Present:                                                     

Peaches Quinn (New Haven) – Chair
George Alexander (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman (Hamden) – Vice-Chair
Johnes Ruta (New Haven) – Secretary
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) – Assistant Secretary
Yvonne Manning Jones (New Haven)
Tom Costa (New Haven Library System)

            Advisors Absent:
Melissa Canham-Clyne   (Hamden)

Sharon Codeane – Comcast Representative
Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative

I.   Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:08 P.M Peaches Quinn presiding.

II.   Review and Approval of Minutes for December 1, 2021, Zoom Meeting

  1. George Alexander had stated earlier that he had never received copies of the
    November meeting Minutes, either in Draft or Final. Johnes replies that the
    Draft of the November Minutes had been sent to the email CTACForward on
    November 26, and that the November Minutes had still not been voted on as final.
    Nov. Minutes, approved pending corrections, have now been corrected and                      submitted to George as Final for the website.

    b. Correction to December Minutes written by Anthony was submitted by email
    earlier today by Laurel for correction to the spelling of her surname “Coleman.”
    Anthony had corrected this and resubmitted the December Minutes.
    Peaches makes Motion to accept the December Minutes. 2nded by Johnes.
    Vote is unanimous.

    III.   Treasurer’s Report
    George states that the present balance of CTAC funds is still $5,006. No further updates.
    George states that the End-of-Year Financial Report includes update of expenditures.

    IV.     CTV – Citizens Television   – No report.
    a. Laurel reports that the CTV studio has not yet reopened to the public or for CTAC

    V.    Comcast Report – No report.
    a. Comcast Representative Sharon Codeanne communicated to George Alexander to
    inquire if the Annual Comcast Stipend of $2,000 to CTAC had yet been received at
    the CTAC Post Office Box? George had replied to Sharon by email, yes in the

  2. Frontier Report – No update.
       a. Peaches at tends the statewide council meeting. She did not attend the last meeting
    but will circulate the Minutes.

VII. Old Business

a. CTAC Public Service Announcement, video recorded in Feb. 2020, is still not on CTV,
as the CTV studios are still closed to non-staff due to ongoing pandemic.

b   CTAC Facebook Page: Yvonne reports no news or issues on the CTAC Facebook

c. Tom Costa provides news update of Internet issues addressed in passage of Pres. Biden’s            $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill: $65 Billion was thereby addressed for High-Speed
Internet Access for all US locations. George Alexander questions Tom regarding how       does this Bill provide for development of New Haven’s Internet Infrastructure ?
Tom replies that each state has a certain financial amount to apply for.

d. Peaches asks the council members about inviting the New Haven area CT State                  Senator Gary Winfield to attend the February CTAC meeting to learn more about
the stipulations of this Bill regarding the Internet. Johnes asks whether it is known
if this Bill has redefined the internet as a “Public Utility” as this change was never
addressed under the previous Pres.’s FCC policies. Tom Costa reads Summary of
the Congressional Bill passed with $1.2 Trillion that includes:
1. Broadband delivery to remote areas of the US,
2. High Speed Internet Cable deployment,
3. purpose to “close the digital divide.”

VIII. SSL Certificate purchase for CTAC’s website cableAdvisory.org
CTAC Website: Yvonne Manning-Jones asks for resolution to proposed purchase and      installation of SSL Certificate. There was agreement that GoDaddy’s offer was         acceptable. Peaches Quinn proposes a Motion for Yvonne to obtain and install a SSL
Certificate of her choice up to an expenditure of $150. Johnes 2nds this Motion.
Vote carried unanimously.

IX. CTAC Community Awards – $1,000

Laurel Coleman recommends Fischer House for our Community Award for 2022,
Peaches proposes possible award for one of our district’s school systems to purchase
video equipment. .

X.   New Business

a. Peaches Quinn, as discussed in previous meetings, states she will invite CT Senator
Gary Winfield (D-New Haven) to attend and participate in our next Zoom meeting,
February 2, 2022, regarding CT Legislative issues of cable television and the internet,      and to interpret how the passed US Congressional Bill on Infrastructure will affect
CT. Discussion follows Tom Costa’s recommendation for CTAC to invite the New
Haven City Engineer Director of City Infrastructure, named Giovanni Zinn, and
reads the news article of his award as New Havener of the Year.
Discussion about whether to invite Gary Winfield or Giovani Zinn first to our next
meeting.   George makes a Motion to invite Gary Winfield to attend February or
March CTAC meeting according to his estimation of timing, and, to inquire of
Gary what the CTAC might do to help his work in the CT Legislature. And that
we should similarly contact Giovanni Zinn according to his availability.
Johnes 2nds this Motion. Vote carried as unanimous.

b. Subscriber correspondence: George states there was none in December.

c. Peaches questions the council about any desire to change the starting time of our
monthly meeting. Discussion brings forth no such proposals.
Peaches proposes possible CTAC dinner for the next meeting, possible pizza,
since there were only two dinner expenditures from the CTAC budget, in June
and October. It is agreed that this will be discussed among members during
January by email for February meeting.

XI. Next meeting : scheduled for Wednesday February 2.
Meeting adjourned at 7:14 pm.

Minutes Submitted by: _Johnes Ruta ______________________________
Johnes Ruta, Secretary

(Anthony Cardo, Assistant Secretary)