March 5, 2008 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – March 5, 2008

George Alexander (Treasurer H)
Stuart Arotsky (Chair WH)
Jennifer Sacco (H)
Tad Weinstein (Vice chair WH)
Suzanne Lee (New Haven)
John ________, Comcast
Walter ______, CTV

1. Meeting called to order 6:00 p.m.

2. Problems of deregulation discussed:

  • Discussed at alliance of public access centers around our area
  • No information about return lines
  • Public access “sold out” for sake of competition in the state of CT
  • Public can’t know what is being broadcast on PEG channels ahead of time.
  • Rep. Fontana’s bill will have connection paid for by the telephone corporation.

George Alexander: in Michigan, Comcast is doing the same thing with PEG channels

Rep. from Comcast: said PEG channels were moved to digital, but still on the basic tier.  AT&T is moving PEG to on-demand system.

Stuart recommends a letter to the DPUC about this issue.  Do we want to sign on to Stu’s letter and send out on all of our behalfs?  Agreed that we would vote on that online.

It was noted that we must update our own email books, or, send emails to one another through the website.

3. Report from Comcast:  

  • This Sunday, Comcast is sponsoring New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.
  • Shalom tv is on-demand, under “entertainment” in on-demand
  • There are more high-def channels, a 2nd call center, and an online payment feature 

4. Report from Walter of CTV:

  • CTV’s board elected not to join up to AT&T.  AT&T wanted CTV to pay for a T1 line.
  • They might be amenable so long as they get a channel home, and not on-demand location

John of Comcast: 
There are broadcast issues of local H.S. basketball games.  They are looking to get women’s and girls’ sports.  They will be getting some women’s sports from Q30 at Quinnipiac University.

There is no video out line from a particular venue where CTV wanted to broadcast a Wilbur Cross game.

The West Haven chambers are being wired for taping city council meetings.

5. George Alexander submitted our budget.

  • Tad asked if we could have this in an interest-bearing account.
  • George said we’d then have to file a tax return.
  • The issue of reimbursement for travel to attend regional meetings was discussed.  If a State council is created, perhaps there is money to reimburse mileage from our area to the statewide meeting.
  • George moved that we reimburse for mileage, and that on an annual basis based on attendance, members should be reimbursed for mileage at the federal rate.
  • Tad was not fully for reimbursement because currently attending our meetings is a tax write-off. 
  • Motion was seconded by Tad, though modified to only reimburse for out of town meetings, not those occurring in Hamden, W.H., or N.H.
  • Motion carried.
  • George moved we approve budget, seconded by Jen.
  • Suzanne asked if we could be more creative about our community outreach?

For 2007, we need to gather all our minutes and summarize them to file a report for the DPUC.  Tad will forward DPUC form to Stu to finish end of year report for 2007.

Meeting adjourned 7:07 p.m.