October 7, 2009 Minutes

MINUTES of CTAC of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven – October 7, 2009

George Alexander, H, Treasurer

Tad Weinstein, WH, chair

Jennifer Sacco, H, secretary

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast

Joe Schofield, CTV

Guest from the public, Johnes Ruta, art director of New Haven Public Library

6:08 p.m. meeting called to order.

Comcast report given by Sharon Codeanne.   Tad raised the issue of the extreme increase for the cable modem rental, which will be $2/month, when a modem can be purchased for about $50 total.  George raised the issue of cable cards, which are much cheaper than cable boxes, yet Sharon informs us they don’t have full functionality, as they don’t have a hard drive, and so they are not capable of Video on Demand, etc.

George forwarded checks we received which belong to Comcast to Sharon.

Joe Schofield reported on behalf of CTV, including that they will be covering the three mayoral debates in the three towns.  They will not be covered live, but they will be recorded and broadcast within 24 hours.  The board of CTV formed an exploratory committee to explore sites for relocating CTV.  They did visit 5 or 6 sites, but did not find one quite yet.  George asked if there were any sites considered in Hamden or West Haven.  Jen suggested that CTV consider some of the available office space on Dixwell Avenue.  Joe is concerned how someone from West Haven would be able to get there by bus.  Jen volunteered to send addresses of available office space on Dixwell to Joe.  Joe does not anticipate necessarily moving before the first of the year.  George asked how much space they want (5000-6000 sq ft.) with parking and access to public transportation.

Tad raised discussion of CTV sending signal to AT&T subscribers.  Tad suggested that perhaps AT&T had made enough improvement in the quality of their signal, so maybe it was time to re-evaluate broadcasting on AT&T.  Joe says CTV still has an issue of not being able to surf channels.  Joe recommended that we come to the CTV meeting to raise the issue to the board of CTV.  We will send a message to the board to ask them to re-consider their position.  CTV is unwilling to pay to hook up to AT&T.

Johnes Ruta brought forth a letter describing programming – the “Classic Arts Showcase”—and would like to see it added to the Comcast lineup on a channel below 99.  Sharon said that she would bring this to Comcast, but Comcast would not be adding any analog channels to their lineup.  Joe said that CTV had carried Classic Arts Showcase, but they lost it because they needed an additional antenna, which would require a commercial install, which the Dish Network will not do, nor will they let CTV put it up themselves.  (They had a dish antenna, but it appears to have been hit by lightning and needs to be replaced.)  Joe indicated that CTV could get behind this issue, and that perhaps it would save Comcast some customers from leaving to the Dish Network in order to receive it.

George presented the mail to Comcast.

We postponed a decision on the renewal of our financial support of the Alliance for Community Media until we are able to get the point of view of CTV next month.

Tad and Joyce attended the statewide meeting of the AT&T advisory council.  Cablevision has a statewide contract as well, though they are not available in all areas, though they were present at the meeting.

Tad asked George to send an email to Joe Schofield to take back to the CTV board about bringing CTV to AT&T, now that the viewing capability is improved.

December meeting in West Haven will be held on the second Weds. Of the month instead of the first Weds. to meet Tad’s schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.