October 7, 2020 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Minutes October 7, 2020 – ZOOM TELECONFERENCE

Attending members:

George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven) – Advisor
Anthony Cardo – (Hamden) – Advisor

Johnes Rhuta – Not in Attendance

John Jessup – Not in Attendance

Laurel Coleman – Not in Attendance

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair

 Sharon Codeanne – Comcast Representative.
Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative – Not in attendance.


Call to order 6:05 pm


  1. Comcast Report – Sharon Codeanne gave her report.

She elaborated on Comcast’s Community Impact Internet Essentials Partnership Program designed to accelerate internet access and enhance distance learning for school districts and organizations- as well as expanding access to broadband at home

Peaches said some people were complaining of being declined for internet services. Sharon requested that all correspondence should be sent to her for follow-up

George reiterated his concern from the September meeting that all those subscribing to internet and/or television services subscribers be included in the count of Comcast customers, thus maintaining the fee paid to CTAC.

As this requires a modification of Connecticut Law, it is recommended that Joe Schofield appeal the old law which is no longer applicable.

Peaches made a motion to email Joe with recommendations.

The motion was seconded by Anthony. Vote carried.

Peaches recommended changing Subscriber Correspondence (Item VII of Agenda) to Subscriber Issues, sub topics. A. Correspondence and B. Complaints /Other.

The motion was seconded by George and the vote carried

  1. September Minutes – The minutes were clarified to
  2. Old business
    1. CTAC Public Service Announcement: L. Coleman reported there had been no update from CTV regarding the release of the CTAC PSA recorded in the summer of 2019.
    2. Anthony Cardo reports that there are no updates on the development of the CTAC Community Award
    3. CTAC Facebook page. Yvonne says she continues to post notices from Comcast and other cable related information. She posted an abbreviated notice of the Comcast policies regarding phishing and internet security and a link to the detailed documentation that George placed on the CTAC web page.


George made a motion to delete the Facebook Group page administered by Johnes.

Yvonne seconded the motion. The motion carried.


  1. Review of Johnes Ruta letter to the Mayor of New Haven

It is noted that the letter is addressed to the mayor of New Haven but should serve as a template for letters to go to both the mayors of Hamden and West Haven. George made a motion to remove paragraph 3 of the letter as the CTAC group lacks the expertise to offer technical guidance.


The motion was seconded by Anthony. The vote carried.


  1. New Business

Peaches made a motion to ask John Jessup to develop a second draft based on his understanding of the need and knowledge of resources already in place and for John to follow up with the Hamden and West Haven libraries.


Anthony seconded the motion. The Vote carried.


Next meeting set for November 4th, 2020 as ZOOM teleconference.

Peaches Quinn makes Motion to Adjourn, seconded by Yvonne Manning-Jones
Adjourned 7:00 pm.


October 7th, 2020 CTAC Meeting Minutes draft respectfully submitted by
Yvonne Manning-Jones, New Haven