September 5, 2012 Minutes

September 5, 2012

Present: George Alexander, Treasurer, H, acting chair

Don Levy, H

Johnes Ruta, NH

Jennifer Sacco, H

Sharon Codeanne, Comcast

Meeting called to order 6:07 p.m.

CTV Representative not present. 

George updated the council on the server problems related to our website.  George is proposing that we not continue to provide a forum (which only seemed to generate a ton of spam messages), and that we not provide a login to outside members, as this was targeted by machines with junk content.  George is proposing a homepage, font magnifier, a menu, and latest documents on front page, (a simplification of our previous website).  The quote we have from our web designer to migrate to the new site is $500 or less, and can be done next month.

George moved that we authorize an expense of up to $500, Don seconded. 

We have agreed to approve the minutes for August and July via email vote.

Sharon presented Comcast report.

Correspondence that was intended for Comcast was directed to Sharon.

Jen will send an email solicitation asking everyone to respond with the end-dates of their appointments, so  we can maintain a quorum at each meeting, and we will make a master list at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned 6:55 p.m.