December 4, 2019 Minutes

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Anthony Cardo – (Hamden) Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Meeting convened at 6:10 pm. 

  1. October CTAC Meeting Minutes
    No edits requested.
    Johnes – Motion to accept.   Yvonne – 2nds the Motion.   Council vote is unanimous.

    2. November CTAC Meeting Minutes

    Question is reminded by Johnes from November meeting regarding how Comcast will
    substantiate Sharon Codeanne’s statement at the September CTAC meeting that Turner
    Classic Movies (TCM) channel viewership is nationally limited to 2% of cable viewers
    and that viewers tune-in on an average of 30 seconds before changing to other channels.
    Comcast has not provided any data on this claim of low TCM viewership as offered by
    Sharon, that she “would check into this, and get back to us” at CTAC.” However, Sharon
    now states via email that she did not promise to do this, and that “these metrics are
    proprietary Comcast data. Peaches corroborates that this was not a “promise” but was
    “a nuanced statement” that did not obligate Comcast to provide. Johnes Ruta states that
    if Comcast claims that these “metrics” will not be provided as “proprietary,” then Comcast’s
    such claims on TCM viewership are not substantiated. George Alexander concurs.

    Johnes speaks of the Comcast discontinuation and removal of seven Concast STARZ channels
    from their lineup, as a reduction of service without any reduction of subscriber rates. One
    announcement was provided in the Comcast October bill, without any adevance on-air
    notification: Peaches defines the specifics of this service change: the channels were not
    being moved to a higher rate level, but dropped entirely from their service.

    Peaches relates information on a Concast service called “FLEX” which was described
    by Comcast as an alternative cable television service, but more specifically is only offered
    as an add-on service for customers who only have internet service, not as a means of
    selection of specific channels at a reduced subscription rate.

    Peaches asks about the WatchTCM internet site, that is an alternative to the Comcast new
    Sports & Entertainment Package with TCM. However, Johnes relates his effort to access
    this website to view TCM – But access to this site specifically requires Log-On to Comcast
    User-ID and Password and allows viewing of TCM only if subscriber has the Sports &
    Entertainment package.
    Laurel Coleman makes Motion to approve the November Minutes. Anthony Cardo Seconds
    this Motion. CTAC members vote is unanimous.


  1. Issue: Attendence requirements by CTV and Comcast.
    Citizens TeleVision is required to attend and submit reports twice per year.
    Comcast is required to attend and submit reports twice per year.

    4. Old Business

    West Haven is still not represented at CTAC since Tad Weinstein resignation because
    he moved his residence out of the CTAC represented districts.

    CAC2019 – Community Rewards.
    Peaches makes Motioin to help Not-For-Profit agencies to defer Comcast subscriber
    costs. Agencies eligible must be Comcast subscriber.

    5. New Business

    Laurel proposes a New Business issue to do a 30 or 60 second PSA for the Council (CTAC)
    to be carried on CTV channels. Proposal to call Joe Schofield, Exec Director at CTV
    to facilitate. This should be uploaded to   Peaches indicates that she will contact
    Joe Schofield about airing this on CTV.

Laurel speaks about the previous motion to make a CTAC Contribution to the Hannah Gray
House to defray cost of Comcast service. Yvonne has done much of the leg work on this issue.


   Yvonne reports in December 13 email:
I have arranged to meet with Robert Paige, Director of the Hannah Gray Home on Tuesday, the 17th.
I informed  him that the contribution is made possible by Comcast and should be spent exclusively
on Comcast services.  They have Comcast cable, Internet and phone services.

The Hannah Gray home is a residential care facility that provides care to elderly individuals in the
Greater New Haven area. You can read more about them at their website:

Next meeting Thursday, January 2nd, 2020, 6PM at Adrianna’s Restaurant < New Haven.

Meeting adjourned: 7:10 PM.

December 4th, 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by
Johnes Ruta (New Haven)   Acting Secretary.   December 29th, 2019.


November 6, 2019 Minutes

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor
Anthony Cardo – (Hamden) Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Meeting convened at 6:08 pm.

  1. Attendance: CTV is requested to attend the next meeting.                                                                                                                                  
    2. COMCAST

    a. Comcast put Turner Classic Movies (TCM) into a Sports & Entertainment Package for an
    additional charge of $9.99 per month. CTAC members are concerned about the Comcast
    change and their motive for putting TCM into an a’ la carte subscription package.

    The prediction that George Alexander brought up several years ago in a CTAC meeting,
    that “cable television will go away in the future,” is brought up by Johnes, and discussed
    by the council.   CTAC members are “advisors” to franchises, and not decision makers.

    At the previous meeting, Sharon indicated that she would provide viewer measurement data
    that would backup her assertion that TCM viewership is limited to 2% of cable customers
    and at an average duration averaging less than 2 minutes. This measurement data has not
    yet been provided. CTAC members Laurel Coleman and Johnes Ruta have questions
    regarding this issue.   Laurel also asks that the October CTAC Minutes also reflect that
    her CTAC membership was renewed by the Hamden Mayor’s Office.

CTAC question points on Comcast issues:
* Technical complexities of Comcast X1 operating system poses difficulties to many elderly
* Some Comcast channels are being dropped to the next lower subscription level.

* “Comcast Flex” option. CTAC wish to have documentation as to which channels are
available on this subscription level.

*   Questions arise as to financial burden of rising subscription costs to customers.

CTAC members report that their Comcast subscription prices vary according to the different
packages and premium channels subscribed to. Peaches Quinn and Yvonne Manning-Jones
state that they consider this a Comcast “marketing strategy: for the retention of customers.

Peaches makes a Motion to defer acceptance of the October Minutes until the next meeting
until we can review all the text, including Johnes’ recording of members’ comments at that
meeting as characterized by the Comcast representative as member’s “opinions”, especially
of those of Johnes Ruta. The Comcast representative objected in writing that inclusion of
these “opinions” in CTAC Minute is “inappropriate” and not in accordance with Roberts
Rules of Order. However, Johnes notes that as a Comcast subscriber himself, he has the
right,according to CTAC By-Laws (as quoted in the Oct Minutes) to publicly criticize
Comcast policies. Johnes questions whether Comcast has the prerogative to edit CTAC
Minutes other than entries regarding the Comcast representative’s own statements ?

Johnes Ruta seconds Peaches Quinn’s Motion to defer. Vote is unanimous.

  1. Peaches Quinn makes a Motion to readdress questions, as follows:
    (1)   “Is the Turner Classic Movies channel included in the Comcast Flex plan ?”

    (2)   Peaches Motion question to the Comcast representative: “Please provide and explain
    the Comcast viewership measurement methodology, as previously promised to CTAC.”

    (3) Peaches requests all CTAC members to review the October Minutes for their advisory
    editorial modifications.

    Johnes Ruta notes that the online internet channel “WatchTCM” is only available by the
    log-on with a Comcast subscription account.

    George Alexander comments that the Comcast reports should be attached as separate documents
    with the distribution of the monthly CTAC Minutes, rather than embedded in the Minutes
    document which makes printouts of the Minutes for meetings attendance to be cumbersome.
    Johnes agrees to follow George’s recommendation.

    Peaches makes a Motion that Comcast be requested to provide internet links to their report
    pages.   Anthony second this Motion. Vote unanimous.

    3. Correspondence

    George Alexander comments that a memo that he has received, distributed by the Connecticut
         Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Bureau of Energy and Technology contains
    a Press Release addressed to the Executive secretary of PURA from Locke Lord (a Comcast
    attorney). This P/R contains a paragraph stating that effective December 10th, 2019 Comcast
    will no longer carry Starz Edge, Starz in Black, Starz Comedy, Starz Cinema, and Starz Kids &
    Family.   Also effective December 10th, Comcast will add the Epix channel, and Starz will no
    longer be available. Also effective December 10th, Comcast will no longer carry RetroPlex,
    IndiePlex, Encore Classic, Encore Suspense, Encore Family, and Encore Espanol.

    Peaches Quinn makes a Motion that CTAC writes to Comcast with our concerns regarding
    their elimination of channels, and Comcast’s reasons for this. Laurel Coleman seconds this
    Motion. Vote is unanimous.

    4. Attendance – addendum:   Peaches states that Tad Weinstein will not be available
    for the December holiday dinner as scheduled. After members’ discussion, it is agreed
    to reschedule this to Thursday, January 2nd..     Sharon Codeanne, Joe Schofield, and
    Jennifer Sacco will also be invited.

  2. Contributions:

    Funds are budgeted for New Haven senior day centers, but it is determined that there is no
    New Haven Senior Day Center.   Discussion ensues to determine where to donate funds to
    instead. Shall we open up a category for possible recipients, as funds must be donated before
    the end of the calendar year 2019.

    Laurel Coleman makes a Motion to open up other categories of social services for possible
    donations . An agency must be Not-for-Profit.   Yvonne Manning-Jonees seconds this Mothion.
    Vote is unanimous.

Next meeting Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 5:30PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM.

November 6th, 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven)
Acting Secretary.   November 20th, 2019.


October 2, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Minutes October 2, 2019 

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.     (teleconference)
John Jessen — (New Haven Public Library System)
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary
Anthony Cardo – (Hamden) Advisor   – new member

Sharon Codeanne – Comcast Representative

Meeting convened at 6:10 pm.

  1. Introduction of new CTAC member: Anthony Cardo also representing Hamden.
    Mr. Carrdo will be added to the CTACForward group list by George Alexander.

    2..  Review of September 4, 2019 Minutes
    Approval of Minutes with request from Peaches Quinn that previously incorporated CTV
    and COMCAST reports be extracted into separate documents. This set of three reports has
    already been posted via email on September 29th.
    John Jessen – Motion to accept the September Minutes. Laurel Coleman Seconds this Motion.
    CTAC members vote – unanimous.

    3. COMCAST Report.

    Please see attached COMCAST Report.
    Topics listed on COMCAST Report:
    a. Internet Essentials.
    b. Comcast to sponsor ARTE’s Hispanic Heritage Month.
    c. Boys & Girls Club monetary grants.
    d. STEM group = Science, Technologies, Engineering, & Mathematics.

    Peaches Quinn asks Sharon Codeanne: “What are opportunities for scholarships and award
    programs for older adults and persons with disabilities ?”   Sharon Codeanne describes
    Comcast grants that are available.

    Johnes Ruta asks Sharon about the Comcast notification that the Turner Classic Movies, channel 72, will be moved to a new “Sports & Entertainment” package tier, effective October 10th, to cost
    an additional $9.99 per month. Johnes states that notification of this change in service was given
    only in the August Billing Statement, and not in the September Statement; Johnes asks “Why was
    this omitted from the September statement?” Sharon defends Comcast saying that “this second notice was not legally required,” and that TCM, while a commercial-free channel, requires a fee from cable companies.   Johnes questions Comcast’s claims of hardship of cable supplier costs,   in light of Comcast 2018 profit of   $11 Billion, and their 2016 bid to purchase Time Warner Cable for $85 Billion.

    [Source: Wikipedia: COMCAST 2018 Revenue $94 Billion. 2018 Operating Income $19 Billion;
    2018 Net Income $11 Billion.

    Sharon further states that the viewership of Turner Classic Movies channel is around 2% of public viewing, and that “most viewing takes place in less than 30 seconds.” Johnes contests this statement, asking for authenticated documentation.  Sharon: Please provide as promised…..
    Johnes states that his monthly bill is already at $201.00 per month, and that many seniors who like this channel have low fixed incomes, and exist on Social Security Benefits.   Sharon expresses
    indifference saying that she is NOT a Comcast subscriber, though an administrating employee.

    John Jesson states that Turner Classic Movies is available online at “for free.”
    Johnes asks Sharon whether a Comcast subscription to only internet service will allow internet viewing of TCM. Sharon states that she will research and reply to this question. (Johnes determines
    later at home that evening that Subscription to the new Sports Package is required to to view on the internet….)

    George Alexander asks if there is a Comcast provision to select and pay for only viewer preferred
    channels.   Sharon talks about an a la carte   option on Comcast called “My Choice” a so-called
    “Chromecast Google Product” which offers reduced selected channels, such as Bravo, A&E,
    The History Channel on an Entertainment package, and news, information, and movies
    and other genres on a News & Information package.

    Johnes makes a Motion for CTAC to call a Public Community Forum on Comcast policies,
    proposes venue to be Edgewood School in Westville.
    This Motion is not supported by other members, but Peaches Quinn proposes to defer and renew discussion on this Comcast service change to the next meeting, in order to determine public reaction
    after the TCM service change date of October 10th.   Johnes seconds this Motion. Vote unanimous.

  2. New Business

    CTAC Officer elections will be held at the December meeting.

    Discussion on selection for December CTAC Annual Dinner. The three-town alternating venue this year
    will be New Haven.   Decision: Arianna’s Restaurant on Grand Avenue is decided upon; date will be
    Wednesday December 4, 6:00 pm. Tad Weinstein, Sharon Codeanne, Joe Schofiled, and Jennifer
    will be invited. Johnes is selected to call in Arianna’s for Reservations for 10.

Next meeting Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:20 PM.

October 4th , 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven)
Acting Secretary.   October 21st , 2019.


Effective October 10, 2019, Turner Classic Movies will cost $10 per month.

Effective October 10, 2019, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will move to the Sports Entertainment Package and will no longer be included in its current service package(s). Customers will have to purchase the Sports Entertainment Package for approximately $10 per month to wartch TCM. Comcast is notifying impacted customers of these changes through a bill message.


Internet Essentials Program Expansion


Three Million Newly Eligible Households Include Those with Disabilities and Seniors

In Eight Years, the Program Has Now Connected More Than Eight Million People From Two Million Households to the Internet at Home

PHILADELPHIA, PA – August 6, 2019 – Comcast announced today it is significantly expanding eligibility for Internet Essentials, which is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive, and most successful broadband adoption program in America, to include all qualified low-income households in its service area. The expansion is the most significant change in the program’s history. The Company estimates that more than three million additional low-income households, including households with people with disabilities, are now eligible to apply. It estimates a total of nearly seven million households now have access to low-cost Internet service, which literally doubles the total number of previously eligible households. In addition, the company announced that, since August 2011, Internet Essentials has connected more than eight million low-income individuals, from two million households, to the Internet at home, most for the first time in their lives. Today’s announcement follows 11 prior eligibility expansions, including last year’s extension of the program to low-income veterans.

“This expansion is the culmination of an audacious goal we set eight years ago, which was to meaningfully and significantly close the digital divide for low-income Americans,” said David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast NBCUniversal. “The Internet is arguably the most important technological innovation in history, and it is unacceptable that we live in a country where millions of families and individuals are missing out on this life-changing resource. Whether the Internet is used for students to do their homework, adults to look for and apply for new jobs, seniors to keep in touch with friends and family, or veterans to access their well-deserved benefits or medical assistance, it is absolutely essential to be connected in our modern, digital age.”

To be eligible to apply to the program, low-income applicants simply need to show they are participating in one of more than a dozen different government assistance programs. These include: Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). A full list of these programs can be found at The Company already accepts applications from households that have a student eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program, live in public housing or receive HUD Housing Assistance, including Section 8 vouchers, or participate in the Veterans Pension Program, as well as low-income seniors and community college students in select pilot markets.

According to U.S. Census data, households living in cities with the highest poverty rates, are up to 10 times more likely than those in higher earning communities not to have fixed broadband at home. For example, in Palo Alto, California, or Bethesda, Maryland – where poverty rates are very low – only about six percent of households do not have a broadband Internet subscription – 94 percent are connected. But in Trenton, New Jersey, and Flint, Michigan – where poverty rates are way above the national average – 60 percent or more of households do not have fixed broadband at home – that is, less than half are connected.  That gap of more than 50 points defines the digital divide in this country.

Internet Essentials has an integrated, wrap-around design that addresses each of the three major barriers to broadband adoption that research has identified. These include: a lack of digital literacy skills, lack of awareness of the relevance of the Internet to every day life needs, and fear of the Internet, the lack of a computer, and cost. As a result, the program includes: multiple options to access free digital literacy training in print, online, and in person, the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for less than $150; and low-cost, high-speed Internet service for $9.95 a month plus tax. The program is structured as a partnership between Comcast and tens of thousands of school districts, libraries, elected officials, and nonprofit community partners. For more information, or to apply for the program in seven different languages, please visit or call 1-855-846-8376. Spanish-only speakers can also call 1-855-765-6995.

The most significant barrier to broadband adoption in low-income communities remains a basket of digital literacy deficits, lack of digital awareness, and fear of the Internet. To help address this barrier, since 2011, Comcast has invested more than $650 million to support digital literacy training and awareness, reaching more than 9.5 million low-income Americans. In addition, the company has either sold or donated more than 100,000 discounted and heavily subsidized computers to families and veterans that need one.


About Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is a global media and technology company with three primary businesses:  Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky.  Comcast Cable is one of the United States’ largest video, high-speed Internet, and phone providers to residential customers under the Xfinity brand, and also provides these services to businesses.  It also provides wireless and security and automation services to residential customers under the Xfinity brand.  NBCUniversal is global and operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures, and Universal Parks and Resorts.  Sky is one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment companies, connecting customers to a broad range of video content through its pay television services.  It also provides communications services, including residential high-speed Internet, phone, and wireless services.  Sky operates the Sky News broadcast network and sports and entertainment networks, produces original content, and has exclusive content rights.  Visit for more information.




Media Contacts:

Charlie Douglas                                                           Rachel Zabinski

[email protected]                                  [email protected]

(215) 264-8020                                                        (215) 531-4438




September 4, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting September 4, 2019 

Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary
Meeting convened at 6:05 pm.

1..  Review of August 7, 2019 Minutes
Two minor modifications required (indicated on August 7 Minutes attached in.
Laurel makes Motion to accept. George Alexander seconds this Motion.
Vote unanimous.

  1. CTV Report

    No report. Please see attached CTV Report.

    3. COMCAST Report.   Please see attached COMCAST Report.

    4.   New Business

    Peaches Quinn:   CTAC Officer elections will be postponed to December.

    State Cable Advisory representation question – An individual named John Weiss called Peaches
    who wants to go to the State Advisory meetings, but does not want to come to CTAC meetings.
    We all agree that (such a person) a state rep must come from CTAC membership.

    4. Correspondence

    Letter from Comcast customer named Diane V. of Hamden, concerned with news release that
    Comcast will move the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel from all existing packages into the
    Sports Package.   This change will be effective as of October 11, 2019.

    This is troubling news that the Advisory all agree must be confirmed and contested. Council members agree
    that   “we are tired of Comcast decreasing channel offerings while not lowering rates & charges. TCM is               especially popular among older adults. We expect customers will push back on this change.

Peaches notes that TCM is available online at

Next meeting Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:15 PM.

September 4th , 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven)
Acting Secretary.   September 25th , 2019.


August 7, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Wednesday, August 7, 2019 

Peaches Quinnn – (New Haven) –  Acting Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
John Jessen – (New Haven Public Library System) – Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary

Meeting convened at 6:06.

  1. 1.   July meeting had been canceled due to July 4th 2..  Review of June 5, 2019 Minutes
    No corrections required.
    John Jessen makes Motion to accept. George Alexander seconds this Motion.
    Vote unanimous.


  1. CTV Report The use of CTV office spaces during the summer is limited as CTV Summer Hours indicates
    facility closes at 4:00 pm. CTV Receptionist Agnes has returned to the CTV office to keep
    open for our CTAC meeting. THANK YOU, Agnes!
    Joe Schofield indicated via message to us that did not receive Minutes email (as he should
    be included in this release).
    Joe also asks that he be copied on the Agenda for upcoming meetings on the previous Friday,
    in order that he be able to attend when required: The CTACForward email distribution list
    should include   [email protected]

    4.     COMCAST

Announcements from Sharon Codeanne were emailed today to the CTAC members.

Comcast has expanded eligibility of our Internet Essentials program to all qualified low-income households across
         our service area. This is the largest expansion in the history of the program and represents a culmination of 11 prior
expansions of eligibility.  This expansion will more than double the number of households eligible for the program
(from 3.2 million to nearly 7 million) and will allow Internet Essentials to reach previously unserved populations
including low-income people with disabilities, seniors not currently covered in pilot markets, new parents, and adults
without children in the home. This expansion allows us to cast the widest possible net and ensure that those who
would benefit the most from being connected have the opportunity to join the program.  To be eligible for the
program, low-income households must be eligible for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, the National
School Lunch Program, SNAP, HUD Housing Assistance and others.

The Press Release information on COMCAST’s INTERNET ESSENTIALS is included at the bottom of
this document, *   and the   .docx and PDF of the Inernet Essentials Brochure are also attached with this
email of the August CTAC Minutes.   FREE DIGITAL LITERACY TRAINING sessions will also be
offered at the New Haven Public Library and some schools in Comcast Franchise areas. See doc & PDF.
 Johnes asks about Comcast scheduled rate increases considering Comcast package plans previously
guaranteeing no rate increases ?

The CTAC members agree that Sharon Codeanne should come to the next meeting on September 4th.

5.     Old Business

(a) George Alexander gives update on community awards. George makes Motion to give $3,000 to Partnership
Center for Daycare.   The previous CTAC meeting on June 5th voted this down in favor of giving $1,000
to each town in the NH/WH/H area.
Peaches Quinn comments that “All not-for-profit Senior Adult Day Care centers in New Haven have closed.

It is defined that awards can be granted to be eligible only to centers that subscribe to Comcast.

(b)   Chair-personship
Peaches Quinn (Vice Chair) , presently Acting Chair, says that she cannot assume position of Chair
because she is currently active in the Connecticut Legislature for the Coalition for Aging.
Johnes Ruta states that he also has duties on two other Boards of Directors in CT, so assuming
to the CTAC Chair would create a hardship along with freelance work needed for financial survival.
Other members also defer for personal reasons.

CTAC Chair is normally appointed to attend the Connecticut Cable Advisory Council meetings,
on a quarterly basis, which are held in Middletown, CT on Rte. 372.

Johnes proposes Motion to have “line-up of alternatives” to Chair meetings and attend the State
Cable Advisory meetings. Line of Peaches ,Quinn, Johnes Ruta, Laurel, Yvonne, John Jessen, etc.
Next CT Cable Advisory meeting is in December 2019.
Yvonne Manning-Jones seconds this Motion. Vote unanimous.

6.   Town Representation

West Haven CTAC representation is now down to 0 = zero, due to the resignation of Tad Weinstein.

State of Connecticut assigned representation quota should be 4 from each participating town,
plus 1 from the town’s Library System, plus 1 from the town’s Board of Education.

Peaches suggests idea to change the name of the Cable Television Advisory Council in order
to attract new membership for each town.

7. CTAC Jurisdiction

State Cable Television Advisory Council, and therefore local Councils have no jurisdiction over
Satellite TV systems, or over RoKU, Netflix, or any other such internet television access systems.

  1. New Business
    Recommendation to support pending CT Legislature Bill 6421 – an Act concerning the regulation of cable television rates; requires that Title 16 of the General Statutes be
    amended to regulate cable television rates.
  2. Financial – George Alexander

Three cable television bills payment checks were received this month at CTAC from banks,
and are being returned to those banks. This is an ongoing problem despite the fact that
subscribers are directed in their billing not to remit to CTAC !

10. Time change possibility for meetings

This idea is tabled (put off to another meeting).

Next meeting Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:11 PM.

August 7th , 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven) Acting Secretary.
August 29th , 2019.


June 5, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Wednesday, June 5, 2019 

Tad Weinstein – (West Haven) –  Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
John Jessen – (New Haven Public Library System) – Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor

Meeting convened at 6:05.

  1. Review of May 1, 2019 Minutes
    Two corrections received by Johnes before meeting,
    One correction from Tad, one correction from George – applied to May Minutes.
    Laure; makes Motion to accept May Minutes.   Tad seconds this Motion.
    Vote unanimous.

    2.   July meeting to be canceled due to July 4th holiday.   Next meeting August 7th.

    3.   Adult Centers for towns in three venues:
    a. New Haven venue – not yet identified

    b. West Haven venue – no yet identified

    c.   Hamden venue identified and contributed

    Letter from Hamden venue:

3 Industrial Circle Hamden, CT 06517

Phone (203) 248-8854 Fax (203) 287-1880

May 25, 2019

The Cable Television Advisory Council for Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven
PO Box 8415 New Haven, CT 06530-0415

Dear Tad Weinstein & Friends:

On behalf of the participants, staff, and Board of Directors of Partnerships Center for Adult Day Care, I would like to thank you for your generous pledge of $1000 to support our organization. Your gift will be put to vital use to fund our Cablevision service which provides internet service for our offices as well as cable television.

We are grateful for George Alexander’s recommendation for this donation and would welcome your further involvement with Partnerships. Partnerships provides daycare for frail elderly clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s which enables its participants to remain living at home for as long as possible. Your support helps us to provide vital support for the quality of life for the participants, family members and caregivers. Partnerships provides service to residents of the greater New Haven area, which includes the towns of Hamden, North Haven, New Haven, Bethany, Orange, Wallingford, East Haven, West Haven and Branford.

I would welcome meeting you to answer any questions and providing a tour of our center at your convenience.

Please feel free to contact us at (203) 248-8854 for any further information you may need. Thank you for your support!


Mary Beth Kiely, R.N. Director

  1. COMCAST Report – Report received from Sharon Codeanne.



May 23, 2019 Via Electronic Filing and Is` Class Mail

Jeffrey R. Gaudiosi, Esq. Executive Secretary

Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority 10 Franklin Square New Britain, Connecticut 06051

Re: Important Information — Xfinity TV Channel Updates

Dear Secretary Gaudiosi:

I am writing to you on behalf of Comcast/Branford, Comcast/Clinton, Comcast/Danbury, Comcast/Groton, Comcast/Hartford, Comcast/Lakeville Comcast/Middletown, Comcast/New Haven, Comcast/Norwich, Comcast/Old Lyme, Comcast/Plainville, Comcast/Seymour, Comcast/Vernon, Comcast/Waterbury, and Comcast/Connecticut as part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed about key aspects of Comcast services.


We are committed to keeping you and our customers informed about changes to Xfinity TV services. Accordingly, please note that as of July 17, 2019, customers who subscribe to the Digital Premier Tier, receive Digital Premier Tier as part of their package, or subscribe to one of the packages listed below, will receive Hitz, a new service that will include more than 200 movie titles selected from a variety of top studios. As of that date, Cinemax will no longer be available with Digital Premier Tier or those packages listed below. For more information about this change, please visit We are notifying customers who subscribe to these services of this change.

The following packages offered in the past or currently will be modified with the change described above:


Digital Premier Package Digital Premier w/ Sports Digital Showcase Entertainment Package Everything Package HD Digital Showcase MultiLatino Total HD Triple Play Premier Double Play Premier Tier w/ Sports Premier w/ Sports Double Play Total Premium Ultimate Pak Cinemax will still be available to purchase separately as a Premium channel. Customers who currently subscribe to Cinemax as a separate Premium channel or with our Digital Preferred with 1 Premium (Cinemax) service will continue to receive the channel. For those customers, as of July 10, 2019, the following channels will only be located on channels 1822 to 1835, where a vailable: More Max, Action Max, Thriller Max, 5Star Max, MovieMax, OuterMax, and Cinemax. We are notifying customers who currently subscribe to these channels through bill messages.



Beginning June 26, 2019, we will no longer provide WCCT as part of the channel lineup in Bethel, Danbury, Ridgefield and Shelton, Connecticut. This is because our business agreement with the station’s owner to carry this out-of-market broadcast station in these towns has ended.

Letter to PURA May 23, 2019 Page 2 of 3

WCCT is a CW affiliate based outside of the local broadcast area for Bethel, Danbury, Ridgefield and Shelton. WCCT provides the same network programming carried on the local CW station, WPIX (SD channel 11; HD channel 1011). Other WCCT syndicated programming is also available on other local stations that remain on the local TV lineup.


Beginning June 26, 2019, we will no longer provide WPIX as part of the channel lineup in Comcast/New Haven, Comcast/Seymour (except for Shelton), and Comcast/Waterbury. This is because our business agreement with the station’s owner to carry this out-of-market broadcast station in these towns has ended.

WPIX is a CW affiliate based outside of the local broadcast area for Comcast/New Haven, Comcast/Seymour, and Comcast/Waterbury. WPIX provides the same network programming carried on the local CW station, WCCT (Comcast/New Haven channel 11, HD channel 1020; Comcast/Seymour and Comcast Waterbury channel 7, HD channel 1020). Other WPIX syndicated programming is also available on other local stations that remain on the local TV lineup. We understand that WPIX’s news, weather, sports and other content may be of interest to our customers. While this station will no longer be available, customers can view content for WPIX at

Please feel free to contact me at 860-505-3477 if you have any questions regarding this filing.


Sharon L. Codeanne Director, Government & Regulatory Affairs


5. Correspondence:   none to enter.

6. Election for CTAC Officers:
he next meeting on August 7 will schedule the election of new CTAC officers, especially
as our Chairperson Tad Weinstein is resigning the CTAC because he has moved his residence to   Milford which is outside of this CTAC franschise district. A replacement for Chair is thus
needed as a priority.

7. Membership
New advisors for CTAC are needed to fill vancant seats on the council. Members are
requested to inquire to activists for volunteers.

History question: Laurel Coleman asks all members present how they were individually
recruited to join CTAC.   Tad Weinstein, Peaches Quinn, and George Alexander have all been
members for more than 20 years.   Johnes Ruta began coming to meetings in 2007 to request
Comcast to carry the Classic Arts Showcase (CAS) free satellite feed on the Comcast lineup.
CAS is a cultural channel featuring short videos of classical music concerts, ballet, and cultural
stories. Comcast never fulfilled this request, but Johnes, an independent art curator for the
New Haven Free Public Library at that time, was subsequently appointed in 2008 as a CTAC
Advisor by New Haven Mayor John DeStefano.   In 2008, New Haven Citizens Television (CTV)
subsequently offers CAS coverage in many vacant time slots on their program lineup.
[ Note to Joe Schofield from Johnes Ruta:   SINCERE THANKS for this promotion of general culture !! ]

8.   Issues: Privacy Rights.

Discussion on general cable television in the present age of WiFi, Public WiFi, FireStick technology,
and other Apps, Comcast X1 programming, Netflix, Amazon Prime, et cetera.

In the Connecticut Legislative representation, promotion of Net Neutrality, and maximum privacy
protections are issues to be observed and promoted to cable franchises with CTAC concensus.

Next meeting Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:11 PM.

June 7th , 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven) Acting Secretary.
August 2nd, 2019


May 1, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 

Tad Weinstein – (West Haven._ –  Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) – Vice Chair
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
John Jessen – (New Haven Public Library System) – Advisor
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor – joins meeting by telephone.

Meeting convened at 6:14.

  1. Review of April 3, 2019 Minutes
    Two corrections made before meeting,
    John Jessen – makes Motion to accept April Minutes.   Yvonne seconds this Motion.
    Vote unanimous.2.  COMCAST Report – Report received from Sharon Codeanne.
    Sharon’s report indicates Comcast subscription price increase + $5.00.George Alexander comments on his call to Comcast Service regarding the fuzzy television
    signal at his house, the Comcast Service Rep replied: “Buy a new house.” (!!) It is agreed
    by all advisors that this was an inappropriate statement by Comcast.Peaches Quinn has two personal complaints about the new Comcast X1 hand-held remote:
    “The previous version of the remote was more ergonomic than the newer one.: Peaches has
    brought in both examples to demonstrate the lesser usability of the newer remote, asking
    “Why was this new design adopted whem it is less ergonomic, especially for people with
    hand-usage disabilities ?”Peaches raises a second issue about Comcast: they have recently implemented a new
    sreeen-saver on her X1, so that when the screen-saver activates, she could not resume
    her TV viewing. She then needed to call Comcast Tech, and then needed to reboot the
    to return to TV ! The Comcast Service Rep said that this might be a cable
    connection issue.As there is much discussion of NetFlix as one of the X1 viewing options, Johnes asks
    “What is the availability of foreign films on NetFlix, as all available films appear to
    be only popular box-office items?”Johnes questions the status of the proposed Bill 6421 in the CT Legislature , which would
    regulate cable television rates in CT?   None of the members has any news on this issue.
  2. CTV Report –   CTV absent.
  3. CTAC Treasurer’s Report.

    The current budget balance is over $10,000.
    George Alexander recommends that we make a contribution to the Partnership Center
    for Adult Day Care in Hamden. There is a donation matching program in effect, ending
    May 31, though this is not “$1 : $1”. George suggests a $3,000 donation for distribution among the three towns of the Partnership Center Adult Day Care program.John Jessen notes that monies given to any Not-For-Profit can be used in any way they wish Peaches points out that George is also the Treasurer for the Partnership Center Adult Day Care   program. In effect, this would be a conflict-of-interest for George to administer a donation to this group. Other agencies would be Mary Wade House in Fair Haven, and Senior Housing.Tad makes a Motion to pass George’s proposal. Voting results: 2 in favor: George and Tad,
    and 4 against: Peaches, Yvonne, John J, and Johnes. Abstain: Laurel.
    Proposal defeated.

Peaches makes a Motion proposal for a contribution to Hamden Day Care for coverage
of the facility’s cable TV subscriptions for their residents. $1,000 to each town, to each
Day Centers. Peaches will identify designated recipients. Johnes seconded this Motion.
Vote: Yes -5, No – 2.   Motion carried.

John Jessen says that this action needs time to be thought about. Yvonne says she would
like to see money spent on community subjects.

5. Tad Weinstein’s status at CTAC: Tad states that he still receives mail at his West Haven address,
so that the West Haven Mayor’s office has granted him an extension until September to
serve on CTAC as a representative of West Haven.

Next meeting Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:20 PM.

May 1, 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven) Acting Secretary.


April 3, 2019 Minutes

CTAC Meeting Wednesday, April 3rd 2019 

Tad Weinstein – (West Haven._ –  Chair
Peaches Quinn – (New Haven) – Vice Chair
George Alexander – (Hamden) – Treasurer
Laurel Coleman – (Hamden) – Advisor
Yvonne Manning-Jones  – (New Haven ) – Advisor.
Johnes Ruta – (New Haven) – Acting Secretary
Sharon Codeanne – COMCAST Representative

Meeting convened at 6:05.

  1. Review of March 13, 2019 Minutes
    Sharon talks about the PEGPETIA Fund – says that every cable franchise still must provide 6.5%
    of gross revenues to PEGPETIA.

    Laurel Coleman makes Motion to accept March Minutes. George Alexander seconds the
    Motion. Vote unanimous.

    2.  COMCAST Report – Sharon Codeanne.

    Community Relations
    * Comcast launched Amazon Prime Video app on Xfinity X1 in December, giving Xfinity X1
    customers easy access to thousands of additional premium shows and movies.
    * Our annual Comcast Cares Day will take place on Saturday, May 4th – Comcast employees
    will be volunteeringat various projects at the East Rock School on Nash Street in New Haven.
    All are invited to attend.

    * Zee Living HD notified that, effective January 11, 2019, it will be ceasing operations.
    * Effective April 12, 2019, Comcast will be offereing a new Spanish-language channel,
    RCN Novelas to its Xfinity Latino Package. RCN Novelas is a Spanish-language network
    designed for women with a focus on telenovelas and dramas.
    * Comcast programming agreement with TuTV to carry Bandamax, De Pelicula, De Pelicula
    Clasico, Telehit, and RMS/Ritmoson expires on April 8, 2019, and these channels will
    no longer be available. These channels are carried on Xfinity Latino.
    * On April 9, 2019, we are launching QVC 2, QVC 2 HD, QVC 3, and QVC 3 HD on
    Limited Basic.

    * Comcast annual support check for $2,000 was sent to the Advisory Council in
    January 2019.

    * Peaches Quinn COMCAST questions:
    (a)   “Comcast equipment in New Haven is old. – Is there any plan to upgrade the
    network equipment ?”
    Sharon C.: “The Comcast equipment is not outdated.”
    (b)   Peaches relates that a service person replaced her cable line to the street pole
    and the “tag board” that wires go into.
    Sharon C. explains that that is the so-called “drop” from t he street to the house.
    She says she “will do research on these technical functions and provide more info.”

    (c) Peaches question #2: regarding Xfinity X1 – her Netflix access seems to have
    disappeared from her Apps screen.   “Movies are limited more than her Netflix

    * George Alexander asks about the digital picture breakup while watching DVR recordings.
    Tad explains that this happens on all providers.

    CTAC Comments
    Yvonne mentions that the Comcast cell-phone system is on the Verizon platform.

Discussion on cable TV rates jurisdiction: CT Legislature Proposed Bill 6421 to give
CT jurisdiction on rate increases is favored by CTAC. However this requires that
            Title 16 of the General Statutes be amended to regulate cable television rates.

George Alexander asks Sharon is Comcast has any discount rates for Adult Day Care
facilities?   Sharon Codeanne specifies that at this time there are group discount rates
“only for Boys and Girls Clubs.”

  1. CTV Report – files by Joseph Schofield   CTV Executive Director

    Production Classes
    CTV holds its spring orientation April 4th, for field and studio production classes.
    53 applicants have been invited, of which we expect half to show up, and only half
    to complete the training courses. This has been our history. We continue to struggle
    to accommodate all of our priducers with studio time.

    CTV is finalizing the establishment of its Podcast room across from the main studio.
    We will be able to do both audio and video podcasts. It will be open to the public
    without individuals having to take a course.

    Comcast (and, thus, CTV) continues to lose subscribers. Over the past 17 years, CTV
    has lost around 20,000 subscribers, resulting in the loss of $19 5,000 annually. In the
    past 4 years, the CTV staff has gone from 10 members to 6. The remaining staff has
    stepped up to fill the gaps. Management staff has foregone pay increases. The staff
    and Board are seeking other revenue streams.


    Wells Fargo Bank is renewing our mortgage for another 5 year term in Julu. By purchasing
    our current location, CTV has save $30,000 annually in rental/occupancy fees.

  2. Correspondence
    George tells us that the annual Post Office Box fee of $234 is coming due.
    Peaches makes a Motion to make this payment.   Tad seconds this Motion,
    Vote is unanimous.

    5. Tad Weinstein announces that he is moving his residence to Milford in the next months,
    so that will no longer be qualified to represent West Haven at CTAC. He feels he must
    resign next month. The members are shocked, as Tad has been the Chairperson for
    more that 15 years.

    Peaches makes a Motion to maintain Tad until July of this year. We recommend that
    we petition the Mayor of West Haven to retain Tad as long as possible.
    Johnes seconds this Motion.   All vote YES !

Next meeting Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 6:00PM.

Meeting adjourned: 7:15 PM.

April 3, 2019 Minutes respectfully submitted by Johnes Ruta (New Haven) Acting Secretary.