March 2, 2022 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council

ZOOM Meeting for March 2, 2022

Advisors Present:                                                     

George Alexander (Hamden) – Treasurer
Johnes Ruta (New Haven) – Secretary
Melissa Canham-Clyne   (Hamden)
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) – Assistant Secretary
Advisor absent:

Peaches Quinn (New Haven) – Chair

Laurel Coleman (Hamden) – Vice-Chair         Yvonne Manning Jones (New Haven)
Tom Costa (New Haven Library System)
Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative   – Absent

Sharon Codeane – Comcast Representative – Present

I.   Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:07 P.M Johnes Ruta presiding.

II.   February Minutes

a. No Revisions were suggested by the members present. An email will be sent out to all advisors for approval of the February Minutes.

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. George Alexander reprted that the CTAC Fund Balance is $6,364.93. George also reported that the Post Office Box Bill is due by the end of the month and that he will pay it off. The Bill is for $332.00.

    IV.   CTV Community Television – Joe Schofield’s report.

    a. No Update

  2. Comcast Report – Sharon Codeane
  3. Community Impact
  • Comcast is supporting our customers by providing them with important information and resources and helping them stay connected with loved ones:

o By saying “Ukraine crisis” into our X1 Voice Remote, customers can access a                             new destination across X1 and Flex featuring the latest news as it                                     develops, information on how to support those in need, and resources to help

parents talk about the situation with their children.

o We’re also waiving charges for calls to Ukraine for Xfinity Mobile & Xfinity                              Voice customers through March 10, as well as all data and Global Travel
Pass charges for Xfinity Mobile customers who may currently be in

  1. Programming Updates
  • Effective March 22, 2022:

o Afro HD will move from the Digital Preferred tier to the Expanded Basic and      Entertainment tiers (will remain on channel 1623).

o Kids Street HD will be added to the Expanded Basic and Kids & Family tiers on             channel 1772.

  • Effective March 31, 2022, Fox Life will cease operations.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • $2,000 Comcast stipend check deposited in January
  1. Frontier Report
  2. Peaches Quinn emailed a copy of the minutes from the Bi-monthly statewide meetings before the start of this month’s meeting which included a copy of the frontier report.

VII. Old Business

Old Business A. CTAC Public Service Announcement: Update Laurel

  1. Deferred to April

Old Business B. Facebook/Website Update Yvonne/George

  1. Deferred to April

Old Business C. – CTAC Community Award

a. Melissa Canham-Clyne reported that Laurel Coleman has resigned from the committee and the committee was thinking of including Tom Costa to the committee. Melissa also           reported that the committee will be meeting again soon to figure out the requirements for   the award and how to leverage the award to draw in interest from West Haven.

  1. George Alexander suggested to the committee to think about giving out the awards to the previous nonprofits that the Cable Advisory Committee has given out to before.

Old Business D. – CTAC Paper Archives from the 1990s

            (There are two medium-size boxes of paper archive records that were transferred
at the October meeting at Luce’s Restaurant from the possession of George Alexander
to Johnes Ruta. The issue is where these records can be stored for safe-keeping?)

a. Tom Costa gave Johnes the contact info for the Local History Room at New Haven
Ives Library, to be inquired as a location: Allison Botelho   203-946-8130 x 245. Johnes   has contacted Allison but she has denied his request to store the records at their library.        She recommended him contact to New Haven Museum.

b. 3/2/2022 – Johnes reported: As of this meeting he hasn’t established contact with the            New Haven Museum in regards to archiving the Committee’s records.

  1. George Alexander asked Melissa Canham-Clyne if the Hamden Library could archive and store the records. Melissa stated the Hamden Library did not have the room to do so.

    VIII.   New Business

  2. None
  3. Subscriber Issues
  4. George reported outside of spam emails, no update.
  5. Other Topics
  6. Johnes Ruta suggested that maybe for the May meeting the committee meet in person for another dinner meeting.
  7. Meeting Adjournment

    Next CTAC meeting set for Zoom call, Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, 6:00 PM.
    6:48 PM, Jonhes Ruta made a Motion to adjourn the meeting. George Alexander   seconded it. The Motion was unanimous.
    Minutes Submitted 3/5/2022 by: _Anthony Cardo ______________________________

Anthony Cardo, Assistant Secretary

Minutes Reviewed 3/15/2022 by: _Jonhes Ruta ______________________________

Johnes Ruta, Secretary