April 6, 2022 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council

ZOOM Meeting for April 6, 2022

Advisors Present:                                                     

Peaches Quinn (New Haven) – Chair George Alexander (Hamden) – Treasurer
Tom Costa (New Haven Library System)
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) – Assistant Secretary
Yvonne Manning-Jones (New Haven)
Johnes Ruta (New Haven) – Secretary

Advisors absent:

Melissa Canham-Clyne   (Hamden)

Laurel Coleman (Hamden) – Vice-Chair         Yvonne Manning Jones (New Haven)

Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative   – Absent

Sharon Codeane – Comcast Representative – Present

I.   Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:05

II.   March Minutes   – written and submitted by Anthony Cardo.

a. No Revisions were suggested to the draft of the March Minutes by the members                      present.

b. Johnes makes Motion to accept the March Minutes as submitted. Tom Costa seconds
Motion.   Vote carried, with Peaches Quinn abstaining, as she was not at the March
Zoom meeting. Minutes will be submitted to George for posting on the CTAC

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. George Alexander reported no changes or monies spent since March report.

    IV.   CTV Community Television – Joe Schofield’s report.

    a. Joe Schofield reported the Staff meeting at CTV concerning reopening the State Street        facility   after recent Covid surges. CTV has a medical doctor on the Board of
    Directors who reaffirms concern about opening the CTV studios because of new              surge.   Peaches Quinn asks Joe who is on the CTV Staff now – Joseph reports
    all staff have survived through the pandemic so far.

  2. George Alexander points out that all Public Access channel outlets have funding
    issues. A CTV interactive Program Guide for channels, but the only program
    listing still are available only on the CTV website.

    c.   Question to Laurel (who is absent) whether the 2020 PSA for CTAC has yet been
    completed for CTV airing. Unresolved.

    d. Council discussion of pending legislation CT (Senate Bill) S.B. 278, which
    presently has 24 of 26 votes in the Communications Committee. It is our wish
    and purpose to advocate for this Bill as it will fully arrange funding for the
    state’s Community Access Channels on cable outlets and provide the annual
    stipend for the state’s Cable Advisory Councils:

    Peaches Quinn: “This Bill means that every cable company will contribute
    an 86 cent charge to BOTH cable television subscribers and internet access                         subscribers as well.”   Joe Scofield points out that presently “only cable television                     subscribers see this charge on their monthly bill. This is a Community Access
    Fee equal to 4.11 % of our budget requirements, as cable television subscriber
    membership has been steadily declining over the past several years, due to the
    availability of many video movie & news streaming services, from 70,00                            subscribers 15 years ago to 40,000 subscribers now.”
    Peaches recommends that CTAC produce a group letter (via email) to state
    CTAC’s advocacy of SB#278 to our respective city state legistators. Joe                           Schofield will compose a list of talking points for our advocacy, and Johnes
    Ruta will be appointed to these points to produce a draft letter to Peaches
    and a final Letter of Recommendation to Yvonne Manning-Jones to be sent
    to our CT legislators.   Yvonne make a Motion for this proposal. Johnes
    seconds the Motion. Vole unanimous.

  3. Comcast Report – Sharon Codeanne – not present

No new Comcast report available, but during March, Sharon Codeanne had distributed three Comcast flyers announcing the reduction of Internet Essentials monthly charges
to $0.00 for subscribers who qualify according to their reported income.

March 2, Comcast Report
• Comcast is supporting our customers by providing them with important information and
resources and helping them stay connected with loved ones:
o By saying “Ukraine crisis” into our X1 Voice Remote, customers can access a new destination across X1 and Flex featuring the latest news as it develops, information on how to support those in need, and resources to help parents talk about the situation with their children.
o We’re also waiving charges for calls to Ukraine for Xfinity Mobile & Xfinity Voice customers through March 10, as well as all data and Global Travel Pass charges for Xfinity Mobile customers who may currently be in Ukraine.
Programming Updates
• Effective March 22, 2022:
o Afro HD will move from the Digital Preferred tier to the Expanded Basic and Entertainment tiers (will remain on channel 1623).
o Kids Street HD will be added to the Expanded Basic and Kids & Family tiers on channel 1772.
• Effective March 31, 2022, Fox Life will cease operations. Miscellaneous
• $2,000 Comcast stipend check deposited in January

  1. Frontier Report

No new Frontier report available.



VII. Old Business D. – CTAC Paper Archives from the 1990s

(There are two medium-size boxes of paper archive records that were transferred
at the October meeting at Luce’s Restaurant from the possession of George Alexander
to Johnes Ruta. The issue is where these records can be stored for safe-keeping?)

a. Tom Costa gave Johnes the contact info for the Local History Room at New Haven
Ives Library, to be inquired as a location: Allison Botelho   203-946-8130 x 245. Johnes has contacted Allison but she has denied his request to store the records at their library. because of insufficient space at NHFPL.

b. Tom Costa contacted Johnes to report that the boxes of past archive papers can be
placed into the Library’s “Government Documents Collection” but will need to be
sorted for this purpose. Johnes agrees to work with this solution. Tom makes Motion
to this effect. George Alexander seconds this Motion. Council unanimous.

VIII. New Business – attendance policy.

a. Peaches make Motion to waive the Attendance Requirement, regarding Laurel
Coleman’s absences.   George Alexander acquiesces to this Motion with out           contest at this time, and states that he will monitor her attendance.


  1. George reports that GoDaddy has discontinued its website email service connected
    to our website cableadvisory.com and has implemented a transition to
    MicroSoft 365 email system, for an additional annual charge.
    Discussion about other options with GoDaddy website. Peaches make Motion
    for George to follow-up on this issue. Johnes seconds. Motion carried.


  1. Meeting Adjournment

    Next CTAC meeting set for Zoom call, Wednesday, May 4th, 2022, 6:00 PM.

    6:56 PM, Jonhes Ruta made a Motion to adjourn the meeting.
    Tom Costa seconded Motion. The Motion was unanimous.

    Minutes Submitted 04/21/2022 by: Johnes Ruta _Jonhes Ruta

                Anthony Cardo, Assistant Secretary