May 4, 2022 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council   (final)

ZOOM Meeting for May 4, 2022

Advisors Present:                                                     

Alexander (Hamden) – Treasurer
Anthony Cardo (Hamden) – Assistant Secretary
Yvonne Manning-Jones (New Haven)
Johnes Ruta (New Haven) – Secretary

Advisors absent:

Peaches Quinn (New Haven) – Chair George

Melissa Canham-Clyne   (Hamden)

Tom Costa (New Haven Library System)

Laurel Coleman (Hamden) – Vice-Chair

Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative   – Absent

Amy Horan – Comcast Representative – Absent

I.   Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:04

II.   April Minutes   – written and submitted by Johnes Ruta.

a. No Revisions were suggested to the draft of the April Minutes by the members                         present.

b. Yvonne made a motion to accept the April Minutes as submitted, Anthony seconded it.
The vote was carried and the Minutes will be submitted to George for posting on the        CTAC website.


III. Treasurer’s Report


  1. George Alexander reported a current balance of $6,032.93 in the council’s checking account.

    IV.   CTV Community Television – Joe Schofield’s Report

    a. Joe Schofield was not present and no report was provided in his absence.




  1. Comcast Report – Amy Horan’s Report


  1. Prior to this month’s meeting, Sharon Codeanne emailed the council to inform them of her that she will no longer be the council’s point of contact with Comcast. The new point of contact will be Amy Horan, who is their new Comcast Government Affairs Manager and is based out of their Berlin, CT regional headquarters.
  2. Frontier Report


  1. Prior to this month’s meeting, Peaches sent out a copy of the minutes for the bi-monthly statewide meetings which included the Frontier report.


VII. Old Business

a. CTAC Public Service Announcement: (deferred to October)
– Johnes reported that our banner message asking for new members is still being                             run on CTV’s channel.

  1. Facebook/Website Update: Yvonne and George reported that there were no updates to the website or Facebook page as of this meeting.


  1. Community Awards: no update.


  1. SB 278 status: Yvonne reported that the letter was sent to each of the town representatives of Hamden, New Haven, and West Haven. As of this meeting, there was no response nor update on the progress of the bill.


VIII.   New Business


  1. No new business


  1. Subscriber Issues


  1. Yvonne reported that she had issues with trying to change her Comcast plan online because after following the steps she had to then call a phone number to be able to    complete her request to change her subscription status. There was no way for her to         complete her request online although Comcast falsely provides a link for customers to do           so.


  1. Johnes reported that he received a notice that his automatic payment did not go through and after several phone calls to Comcast, he found out that the notification was a false    announcement.


  1. Other Topics


  1. Yvonne asked if CTV has reopened to the public or if anyone knew when they planned to reopen? No one knew at the time Yvonne asked her question.


  1. Jonnes asked about having an in-person dinner meeting for our next meeting in June and also mentioned continuing the conversation through email. George responded to    Johnes’s suggestion by heeding we take caution due to Covid still being an issue.


Meeting Adjournment

Next CTAC meeting set for Zoom call, Wednesday, June 1st, 2022, 6:00 PM.

At 6:47 PM, Anthony made a Motion to adjourn the meeting, and Yvonne seconded the   Motion. The Motion was unanimous.

Minutes Submitted 05/11/2022 by: Anthony Cardo, Assistant Secretary Anthony Cardo

            Johnes Ruta, Secretary