June 1, 2022 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council

Meeting for June 1, 2022
@ The Playwright Grill, Hamden

Advisors Present:                                                     

Peaches Quinn – Chairperson (New Haven)
George Alexander – Treasurer (Hamden)
Anthony Cardo – Assistant Secretary (Hamden)
Melissa Canham-Clyne – Advisor (Hamden)
Tom Costa – Advisor (New Haven Library System)
Johnes Ruta – Secretary (New Haven)

Advisors absent:

Laurel Coleman — Vice-Chair (Hamden)
Yvonne Manning-Jones – Advisor (New Haven)

Joe Schofield      – CTV Representative   – Absent
Amy Horan – Comcast Representative – Absent

I.   Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:18

Motion – George Alexander makes a Motion for the CTAC Dinner Bill here at      Playwright, and henceforth, not to include alcoholic drinks.   Melissa Canham-Clyne
2nds this Motion. Vote is unanimous.

II.   May Minutes   – written and submitted by Anthony Cardo.

a. No Revisions were suggested to the draft of the May Minutes by the members                 present.

b. Johnes made a Motion to accept the May Minutes as submitted, without modification.                 Peaches seconded it.   Vote is unanimous, and the May Minutes will be submitted
to George for posting on the CTAC website.


III. Treasurer’s Report


  1. George Alexander reported a current balance of $6,003.43 in the council’s checking    account.

    IV.   CTV Community Television – Joe Schofield’s Report
    a. Joe Schofield was not present.

    b. It was reported that SB278 was passed in two parts by the CT House and Senate
    and signed by Gov. Ned Lamont on May 31, 2022. It takes effect October 1, 2022.
    This Bill expands the Community Access Fee charged by Cable providers (86 cents        per month) to include Internet-only providers.

    c. George Alexander questions how will Cable Companies be aware to charge all
    subscribers and to facilitate the fee accordingly?


  1. Peaches wants to know if the passed final Bill is the same as the first Draft ?
    It is speculated that Joe Schofield will know the answer to this question.


  1. Comcast Report – Amy Horan’s Report


  1. Amy Horan was not present.

    b.   Comcast is launching a new streaming service in collaboration with Charter.

  2. Frontier Report


(May meeting note: Prior to this month’s meeting, Peaches sent out a copy of the minutes for the bi-monthly statewide meetings which included the Frontier report.)


VII. Old Business

a. CTAC Public Service Announcement: Laurel advised via email that there has been             no change of status of the PSA.

  1. Community Awards: Still due to lack of communication with the public,
    the Community Awards outreach program has been deferred to 2023.

    c. West Haven still has not provided CTAC member representation.


VIII.   New Business


  1. The CTAC membership expresses sympathies over the passing of the New Haven
    City Librarian John Jessen, age 56, last week due to his long battle with cancer.
    When first appointed City Librarian of New Haven, John Jessen graced CTAC
    meetings with his constructive, affable, highly intelligent representation of
    the Library System, and for the entire community. His contributions will be missed.

    b.   Anthony Cardo makes a Motion for CTAC to provide a gift of $500 to the memory
    of John Jessen to the New Haven Library Foundation. Johnes 2nds this Motion,
    and it is carried unanimously.

  2. George Alexander makes a Motion that the members, volunteers, of the Cable
    Television Advisory Council be required to take the same Sexual Harassment
    Training the same as paid-employees. There is discussion regarding specifics of
    of the program and whether the state Statute requires training for volunteers.
    This is a 2-hour online program with testing at the end.

    Peaches makes a new Motion that more research be done about state law requiring
    sexual harassment training with regards to local law mandating the volunteers
    mandating such training. Melissa Canham-Clyne 2nds this Motion; the vote is
    unanimous. Melissa will follow up.

  3. Anthony Cardo announces his resignation from CTAC following this meeting,
    due to a meeting scheduling conflict since becoming a member of VA Veterans
    Commission in Hamden. All CTAC members express sadness for the loss of
    our Assistant Secretary member and friend of several years.


Meeting Adjournment

Next CTAC meeting set for July 6tht, 2022, 6:00 PM. It will be discussed during June
by members whether the July meeting will be at a pizza location.

At 8:15 PM, Peaches makes a Motion to adjourn the meeting, and Melissa
2nds this Motion. The Motion is approved unanimously.

Minutes Submitted 06/08/2022 by: Johnes Ruta, Secretary.