March 7, 2018 Minutes

CTAC   – Monthly Meeting Minutes – March Meeting TELECONFERENCE – March 7, 2018
Teleconference meeting arranged by Tad due to snowy weather. CTV Offices were closed at this time.

Members in attendance:
Tad Weinstein (West Haven), Chair
George Alexander (Hamden) Treasurer
Peaches Quinn (New Haven) Vice-Chair   (arrival 6:28 pm)
Laurel Coleman (West Haven) Advisor
Johnes Ruta, (New Haven), Advisor, Acting Secretary
Teleconference Meeting called to order 6:04 PM.

1.     CTAC Video Contest
a.) Discussion on inviting Sharon Codeanne, Joe Schofield, and Walter Bradley to view and
scrore the video submissions. George recommends that Comcast should televise the
award winner, as it is they fund the award.

b.) Johnes has printed all the Parental Permission and Actors Release Forms, which he would have
brought to a meeting tonight at CTV.

c.) According to the pre-published schedule, CTAC advisors will score the video emtries and submit
to the CTAC council by Wednesday, March 14.
d.) The criteria for the Judging Rubric is available on the CableAdvisory.org website,
in grading values from 1 to 4 ( 4 = highest).

e.) The Video Contest winners are to be chosen by the next CTAC meeting on Wednesday April 4,
2018, and the winners to be notified by April 13th, 2018.

  1. COMCAST Report: – None submitted this month.

    a.) Johnes requests contact with Sharon Codeanne regarding “Comcast Customer Privacy Notice”              which was received in his monthly Comcast billing (dated 02/17/18), as he finds certain terms
    to be questionable in which Comcast reserves the right to release privacy data to other agencies.
    Are these GMOs and or Non-GMOs ?

b.) George questions the accuracy of an email message from Comcast stating significantly increased
internet download / upload speeds of 150 MB per second. George’s Internet Speed Test several                   times during the day today indicated actual upload speed as 5 MB/second.

  1. CTV – Johnes asks about poor sound quality of 8 AM weekday broadcast on Channel 26.
    Tad says that we can contact Joe Schofield via his cell phone, and that he can monitor the
    sound quality remotely, and correct it.

    4.   CTAC Funding
    George Alexander and Peaches Quinn renew the debate on the issue of Frontier’s contribution
    to the Cable Advisory group.   – An annual check of $2,000 goes to CTAC-Statewide.
    George and Peaches want to know if monies can be rather divided among all the local Cable
    Television Advisory groups, and wants explanation of all franchise contributions. (Tad Weinstein
    is the Treasurer of the Statewide-CTAC.)   Peaches recommends that Tad inquire Statewide
    the details of franchise financial contributions and report to our CTAC chapter (Hamden,
    New Haven, West Haven.)

    Statewide Video Advisory Council website:   http://www.ctsvac.org/

Peaches makes a Motion to make a formal request to Statewide-CTAC for a Financial Grant
or Scholarship Award for all Advisory Councils in Connecticut.
Laurel Coleman seconds this Motion. Vote take – all vote Yes in concurrence.


  1. Budget 2018: Discussion delayed until next meeting in person, rather than in teleconference.

    6.   Correspondence – None submitted.

    7.   New Business:

The next CTAC Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 PM, April 4, 2018.

Tad asks if all business is complete for this meeting. – No further business brought forth.
George makes Motion to adjourn. Johnes seconds the Motion. All agreed.

CTAC Teleconference meeting is adjourned at 7:02 PM EDT.

March Minutes Submitted with informational modification to item #2 (b)
04/23/2018 by Johnes Ruta, CTAC Acting Secretary, New Haven Rep #2