April 4, 2018 Minutes

CTAC   – Monthly Meeting Minutes – April 4, 2018
Members in attendance:
Tad Weinstein (West Haven), Chair
George Alexander (Hamden) Treasurer
Yvonne-Manning Jones (New Haven) Advisor
Ashley Sklar (New Haven Public Library) Advisor
Laurel Coleman (West Haven) Advisor
Peaches Quinn (New Haven) Vice-Chair
Johnes Ruta, (New Haven), Advisor, Acting Secretary
Meeting called to order 6:10 PM.

1.   March Teleconference Minutes
Changes requested to item #2 (b) by George Alexander regarding inaccurate quote of Comcast
upload/download Speed Test. Agreed to make correction by Johnes.
Laurel Coleman made Motion to then Approve.   Ashley Sklar Seconded the Motion.
Vote – unanimous.

2.   February Teleconference Minutes
George requested correction to Spelling error in item #1, and addition to item #5regarding Frontier
annual funding contribution of $2,000 to Statewide CTAC.   Corrections agreed to by Johnes.
George made Motion to then Approve.   Ashley Sklar Seconded the Motion.
Vote – unanimous.

3.     CTAC Video Contest

a.) Laurel Colemen provides her CTAC Video Scoring Sheet in person.
b.) Johnes now tabulates the final scores.   George reviews the Tabulation Sheet.
c.) Discussion of the scoring methodology. OK.

Deadline will be reached tomorrow April 8, 2018, for the CTAC Video Contest Winner Notifications:

CATEGORY A – “Dreamers Beyond DACA”   – to producer Antonia Seyfarth – $1,000.

CATEGORY B – “Fun Things To Do in New Haven”   – to producer Christian Herron “Ceejay”
– $1,000.

Johnes requested to notify the winners by email (CC: CTACForward) and invite them to accept the
presentation of their Award Prize Checks at Modern Apizza, State Street, New Haven at the next
CTAC Meeting Wednesday, May 9th   6:00PM.

Winners are to be invited to bring three other individuals involved in their videos to this dinner.
Parents and/or co-sponsors are to be invited, up to four individuals for each winner.

A Press Release notification of this meeting will be distributed to local media and press.

Johnes make Motion to accept the winners according to the tabulation scores.
Tad second the Motion.   Vote taken is unanimous.

Laurel asks if there will be another Video Contest in the coming year. George replies, “Yes, we do have         the budget already.”

4.   COMCAST Report: – submitted by Sharon Codeanne via email.


Sling International is a multichannel live TV service that is streamed over the Internet and offers International channel packages that are available on a subscription basis.  Starting March 29, X1 customers will start seeing the Sling International app appear in the X1 Apps menu.  Once there, they will be able to sign-up for Sling International channels directly within the app, or log-in with an existing Sling International account.

  • Customers who subscribe to both Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Internet are now able to subscribe to Pro Guitar Lessons TV On Demand, an Xfinity Internet Subscription Video On Demand service. Pro Guitar Lessons TV offers professional guitar lessons for the whole family with 170+ lessons on chords, scales, songs, changing strings, playing funk bass and more!
  • As of March 28, Acorn TV On Demand and Disney Story Central On Demand subscription services are available to Xfinity TV customers across our Xfinity On Demand platforms for $4.99 per month
  • Vme Kids HD programming is now available to live stream out-of-home via the Xfinity Stream app or web portal. Vme Kids is the first television channel in Spanish with educational programming for children in preschool 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please note that in order for customers to view this content, they must subscribe to an Xfinity TV package that includes Vme Kids.
  • With the Xfinity Stream app or web portal, customers can live stream certain local ABC, NBC and Telemundo broadcast affiliate networks while out-of-home.  Please note that if an Xfinity TV customer is connected to their in-home WiFi network, they can use the Xfinity Stream app to live stream all local broadcast affiliates.
  • Here is the link to our Xfinity Stream web portal for Xfinity TV customers:  https://tv.xfinity.com/
  • The 17th annual Comcast Cares Day will be held at the Clinton Avenue School in New Haven.  Comcast employees will be volunteering their time to work on various projects at the school.  All are welcome to join in!

George Alexander states that Comcast customer checks erroneously received at CTAC (despite notice on every
Comcast bill) will be kept until Sharon Codeanne attends a meeting.   Johnes voices wonder whether this
might endanger the continuous cable connections of these Comcast customers ?

  1. CTAC Statewide

    Tad Weinstein and Peaches Quinn state that they will attend the CTAC Statewide Meeting on Tuesday,
    April 24th.


Peaches makes a Motion to adjourn this meeting at 7:00.   Johnes seconds this motion.

CTAC Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM EDT.

April Minutes Submitted 04/23/2018 by Johnes Ruta, CTAC Acting Secretary, New Haven Rep #2