September 7, 2022 Minutes

Minutes from the Cable Television Advisory Council Zoom Meeting for September 7, 2022
Advisors Present:
Peaches Quinn – Chairperson (New Haven)
George Alexander – Treasurer (Hamden)
Yvonne Manning-Jones – Advisor (New Haven) 
Melissa Canham-Clyne – Advisor (Hamden) 
Johnes Ruta – Secretary (New Haven)
Amy Horan – Comcast Representative 

 Advisors absent:
Laurel Coleman — Vice-Chair (Hamden) 
Tom Costa – Advisor (New Haven Library System)
Joe Schofield – CTV Representative – Absent

. Call to Order & Roll Call: 6:07 Meeting held via Zoom.

Mutual introductions with the Council member Amy Horan, the new Comcast 

II. July Meeting Minutes 

 George pointed out two typos still in the Final Draft version: There are two 
 Roman numeral designations for New Business – III and IX. Johnes indicates 
 these were because the topic of New Business came up a second time chronologically 
 in the meeting. Johnes will consolidate these and re-submit. Approval vote therefore 
 is delayed. 

III. Treasurer’s Report 

 George Alexander reported a current balance of $5,200.33 in the council’s checking 
 account. Previous charges were $300 for CTAC meeting at Playwright Grill June dinner (no alcohol was included in the bill); also a $500 Donation to the New Haven Public Library John Jessen Memorial Fund (Mr. Jessen was New Haven City Librarian and previously a member of CTAC). No changes since the July meeting. 

IV. CTV Community Television – Joe Schofield’s Report 
 a. Joe Schofield was not present. No report. 
 b. CTV studios are still closed to production sessions due to Covid. 
 c. The CTAC Public Service Announcement is not yet being shown of CTV channels 
 because the CTV studios are still closed to the public and CTV I short-staffed.

 d. Addendum: The Connecticut state Legislature has passed new Community 
 Access fees for all Cable and Internet (streaming & internet browser access, 
 new fees to take effect on October 1st, this year.

V. Comcast Report – Amy Horan’s Report

 a. Amy Horan reported the continuation of the “Internet Essentials” program, 
 and that the monthly fee has dropped from $29.99 to $9.99 for eligible 
 subscribers who do not already have discount services. Subscribers qualify 
 who have Medicade, SNAP, SSI, or Survivor’s Pensions Program. 
 Melissa Canham-Coyne also adds that some subscribers can also qualify for 
 equipment, such as $149 for a laptop. Possibly can qualify for that at $0.00. 

 b. Comcast’s offer for their Internet Only package rate is $39.99 per month, 
 available to those currently subscribed. 

 c. George Alexander raises question regarding public complaints of high rates 
 for extras such as HBO, Showtime, etc. 
 George asks” “What is the minimum rate for internet service only? 
 Amy Horan replies that this low-cost subscription option will be available 
 for the next 5 years. She notes that the outreach offer for this program has 
 received few responses, and that her office is working hard to get the message 
 out. Peaches Quinn notes that “messages don’t always work…”
VI. Election and installation of new CTAC Officers as required by our By-Laws. 

 Johnes Ruta was elected as new Chairperson.
 George Alexander was elected to remain as Treasurer. 
 Co-Chair office was nominated. 
 Secretary was not nominated, but determined to be a “rotating office by all members. 

 Peaches Quinn make a Motion to accept this slate of Officers. Johnes Ruta seconds 
 this Motion. Vote is unanimous of attendees. 

VII. New Business 
 a. Peaches Quinn specifies the By-Laws Requirement of the Annual Yearly CTAC 
 Report to PURA. “There is half of a year to prepare this report.”
 b. Topics needing to be addressed at the October meeting next month:
(1) Internet Access for the public. 

 (2) Membership positions needing to be filled: West Haven has not provided 
 CTAC Member Representative since resignation of Tad Weinstein in 2019. 

 c. Melissa Canham-Coyne mentions a new public service radio station operating 
 in Hamden, that CTAC should contact for broadcast of our PSAs. 

Meeting Adjournment 
 The next CTAC meeting set for Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, at 6:00 PM, 
 rather than the first Wednesday of the month this time.
7:15 PM, Peaches Quinn makes a Motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nded by Johnes Ruta. 
 The Motion is approved unanimously. 

 Minutes Submitted 09/28/2022 by: Johnes Ruta.